Israel: second largest concentration of startups per capita following Silicon Valley

vringo video ringtones logoJonathan Medved is the founder of Israel Seed , a Jerusalem based VC , and also serves as the CEO of Vringo, an Israeli startup developing video ringtones. Jon, a California native, talked to the Washington Post about Israel’s unique tech industry and drew similarities between Israel and Silicon Valley.

Israel is a small country with seven million people, mostly unfriendly neighbors, and relatively high taxes. So why does it have the second-largest concentration of startups per capita after Silicon Valley? Jon says the two places are more similar than one would think.

  • Both Sillicon Valley and Israel share energized entrepreneurial spirit, informal work atmosphere, pioneering risk-taking ethos and a large number of high-quality immigrants.
  • 400 Israeli start ups emerge annually, more than any European country.
  • The number of funded startups has doubled since 2000.
  • Next to the US, Israel has more stocks traded on NASDAQ than any other country. High tech (which is minimally vulnerable to terrorism and political instability) accounts to 50% of Israel’s exports – about $15BN annually.
  • Israeli companies have easier access to Asian markets, since they are not perceived as a commercial threat.


Jon Meved of Vringo speaks to the Washington Post:

Eze Vidra

Eze is startup investor and advisor. Until recently he was a General Partner at Google Ventures Europe. Before joining GV, Eze started Campus London, Google's first physical hub for startups, and led Google for Entrepreneurs in Europe. He's an experienced product manager and startup mentor. In 2012 Eze founded Techbikers, a non-for profit supporting children education in developing countries.

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