crunchiesLately, it seems like there’s a new startup competition or award announced every single day. Just recently I’ve covered Red Herring’s Top 100, Deloitte’s Fast 500, Le Web 3 start up competition and the list goes on. You’ve also probably heard of the Crunchies, same idea, but louder buzz. The Crunchies is a collaboration project between Techcrunch, Read/Write Web, VentureBeat and GigaOm aiming to crown the winning startups in no less than 20 (!) categories, from “best bootstrap startup” to “most likely to succeed”. According to Michael Arrington, 82 thousand nominations were made, some pushing the definition of ‘startup’.

The 100 finalists were chosen yesterday, and Israeli startups got respectable representation with four finalists on the list. Help them win by voting on the links below. Voting is open until January 10th and winners will be announced on Jan 18th, Friday, January 18 at Herbst Theater in San Francisco.

And the Israeli finalists are:

fring logoBest mobile start-up: Fring

Fring is a mobile VoIP application that uses free WiFi or the mobile’s internet data plan to make free mobile internet calls and instant message other PC-based services. Pretty cool. Watch Fring’s video demo here. Vote for Fring to win the best mobile app

imedix logoBest new start-up of 2007: iMedix

Covered on VC Cafe last week, iMedix recently launched WebMD on steroids – medical data with comprehensive social features.
Vote for iMedix to win the best new startup

gizmoz logoBest international start-up: Gizmoz

Gizmoz became hugely popular this year with its animated avatar creation tool. Especially loved by myspace users, the Gizmoz avatar is creating by uploading a facial photo, using face recognition technology.
Vote for Gizmoz to win the best international startup

aniboom logoBest video site: aniBoom

Covered on VC Cafe earlier this year, aniBoom is an online video aggregator for animated films, with online tools such as a Shapeshifter, that empower users to create animation of different genres, techniques and means.
Vote for aniBoom to win the best international startup

For those interested, keep on reading to see the entire lists of finalists below.

The Crunchies 2007 list of finalists

Best technology innovation / achievement

  • Earthmine
  • Like
  • Move Networks
  • Twine
  • Viewdle

Best bootstrapped start-up

  • FriendFeed
  • PoliticalBase
  • ProductWiki
  • Techmeme
  • UpNext

Best new gadget / device

  • iphone
  • Kindle
  • Ooma
  • Pleo
  • Wii

Best business model

  • Glam Media
  • Imeem
  • Prosper
  • Weatherbill
  • Zazzle

Best design

  • Etsy
  • Jackson Fish Market
  • Netvibes
  • Smugmug
  • Songza

Best enterprise start-up

  • 37Signals
  • Attributor
  • EditGrid
  • Ribbit
  • Zoho

Best consumer start-up

  • 1800FREE411
  • 23andMe
  • LinkedIn
  • Meebo
  • Zillow

Best mobile start-up

  • AdMob
  • Fring
  • Loopt
  • Shozu
  • Twitter

Best international start-up

  • Atlassian
  • Gizmoz
  • MusicShake
  • Netvibes
  • OpenAds

Best user-generated content

  • Digg
  • Facebook
  • Geni
  • Instructables
  • Yelp

Best video site

  • Aniboom
  • Hulu
  • Joost
  • Tokbox

Best clean tech start-up

  • A123 Systems
  • Ausra
  • Gridpoint
  • NanoSolar
  • Tesla Motors

Best use of viral marketing

  • Flixster
  • iLike
  • iminlikewithyou
  • RockYou
  • StumbleUpon

Best time sink site

  • College Humor
  • Duels
  • kdice
  • Kongregate
  • Pandora

Most likely to make the world a better place

  • Causes
  • DonorsChoose
  • Kiva
  • One laptop per child
  • ZeroFootprint

Most likely to succeed

  • Kayak
  • Mint
  • Slide
  • WordPress
  • Zivity

Best start-up founder

  • Reid Hoffman
  • Max Levchin
  • Kevin Rose
  • Evan Williams
  • Mark Zuckerberg

Best start-up CEO

  • Gina Bianchini
  • Dick Costolo
  • Toni Schneider
  • Rob Solomon
  • Lance Takoda

Best new start-up of 2007

  • Hulu
  • iMedix
  • Joost
  • Ribbit
  • Tumblr

Best overall

  • Digg
  • Facebook
  • GrandCentral
  • Twitter
  • Zillow
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