Richard Branson Invests in Israel: GreenRoad Technologies gets $14.5 million to help reduce car accidents and gas costs

Israel based GreenRoad Technologies, formerly known as (Diagnostics Drive), develops innovative driver safety technologies that prevent risky driving before an accident occurs. The company has just completed a $14.5M round led by Virgin Green Fund and Benchmark Capital with participation… Continue Reading

VC Cafe Turns Two: a personal invitation to join the VC Cafe Network

It’s been over two years since I’ve started VC Cafe in December of 2005 with a simple goal in mind- to extinguish the notion that too many dollar bills are chasing too few ideas. Boy what a tremendous ride it… Continue Reading

Exclusive Interview: Conduit can do it – strides to become the leading content syndication platform (Ronen Shilo)

A year ago people used to say that “content is king” when it comes to making it big on the internet. But does the old paradigm hold today when every web 2.0 startup seeks user-generated content and 156,046 social networks… Continue Reading

Bitesize newsbrief: Israeli startup headlines for the week of 01.29.08 | VC Cafe

Volatility in the markets soared this past week as we approach the end of the first month of 2008, and as we’ll approach the likely reality that the US has already entered a recession. The San Francisco Business Journal asked… Continue Reading

Getting closer to the action: Sillicon Valley Bank (SVB) opens its branch in Israel

I loved reading this headline: “SVB FINANCIAL GROUP OPENS ITS DOORS IN ISRAEL”. I first heard about Silicon Valley Bank’s intention to open an Israeli branch from Michael Moretti back in 2006. We met at the Israel/US Venture Summit and… Continue Reading

eBay’s Paypal acquires Israel’s Fraud Sciences for $169 million, 12 times the return for investors

In an effort to fight fraudulent transactions and boost trust in online purchases, Paypal, the online payment service of eBay (NSDQ: EBAY), bought Israel/California based Fraud Sciences for a whooping $169 million in cash.  Fraud Sciences is has developed online… Continue Reading

Exclusive Interview: Collarity’s platform reinvents publisher content monetization (Levy Cohen)

In an exclusive interview with VC Cafe, Levy Cohen, CEO and Founder of Israel/US based Collarity, provides insights into the company’s value proposition, future plans and lessons learned along the way. Founded in 2005, Collarity has developed a comprehensive content… Continue Reading

Semantic web search lives: Semantinet got $1.7 Million from Giza and Vardi to prove it

SemantiNet, a semantic search technology startup based in Israel, raised a round of $1.7 million led by Giza Venture Capital. Israeli angel and internet guru Yossi Vardi is listed among Semantinet’s previous investors along with Sir Ronald Cohen (founder of Apax Partners), Robert Imershein, Moudi Ben-Shachand and Jeff Pulver. … Continue Reading

Entrepreneurship 101: Startup Do’s and Don’ts

Will Price of Hummer Winblad summarizes an interesting session at the University Venture Fund‘s Annual Conference in Salt Lake City, Utah. The session titled “Quick Hits: Do’s and Dont’s of Entrepreneurshipa” was given by Martin Plaehn’s, CEO of Bungee Labs, to a crowd… Continue Reading

Vestopia: Peek over the the shoulder of investment pros in real time (Interview)

Investing in stocks is a risky business, especially when the markets are a roller coaster like today. Rather than putting all your money in US government bonds until the storm is gone, one can use the web to alleviate the… Continue Reading