kit.jpgPhagolum Ltd. is developing a diagnostic toolkit to detect sepsis, the leading cause of death in non-coronary ICU patients and the tenth most common cause of death overall. According to medical literature, “sepsis is characterized by a whole-body inflammatory state caused by infection” and is “broadly defined as the presence of various pus-forming and other pathogenic organisms, or their toxins, in the blood or tissues.”

Ashkelon Technological Industries (ATI), a tech incubator focused on healthcare and cleantech, will invest $2 million in the medical device start-up which was essentially borne out of research carried out at the National Institute for Biotechnology at Ben Gurion University. According to Globes “The diagnostic kit will enable the identification of the different sepsis stages, including early detection and will also be able to identify the cause of infection. The kit will contain biological reagents and proprietary software that will analyze the recorded data.”

More broadly, Phagolum is a fiber optic-based sensor that may be adapted to many potential applications, but mainly to medical diagnosis and prognosis including early detection. Get more info on the technology here.

By Dani Dechter

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