oversiIsraeli startup Oversi officially presented OverCache MSP, a platform aimed to help Internet service providers manage and monetize over-the-top (OTT) video, ultimately improving the speed in which end users consume video.

According to a recent study presented by the Pew Internet project, 48% of internet users have been to video-sharing sites such as YouTube and the daily traffic to such sites on a typical day has doubled in the past year in the US alone. That puts the ISP’s in serious bandwidth crunch as the connection gets crowded.

Oversi’s video demo presents the solution with an amusing tone. OTT video is delivered to the end user from a provider (say Youtube, Hulu, Current, etc) through the operator’s network continuously, incurring a high cost to the service provider. Using Oversi’s OverCache MSP service, videos are detected intelligently, cached and delivered on demand to the users. There are several benefits to this solution:

1) No more waiting for the Family Guy episode to load on Hulu. The user gets accelerated content delivery.
2) Get more bars in the wifi connection at the conference. The network load is relieved.
3) If you are a big video publisher that wants to guarantee the best experience for your users, you may agree to pay a fee to get your content cached for quick delivery. New monetization opportunities.

In the official press release, David Tolub, President and CEO of Oversi, said:

“Users satisfaction with their service provider is directly linked to the quality of their online video experience. Our customers reported a dramatic drop in support calls to their call centers since the MSP has been in operation. Average user Internet video download times have been reduced from 35 seconds to eight seconds, and the system has generated bandwidth savings across the network and over the interconnect links.”

Oversi has raised $9.3 million to date from Carmel Ventures, Cisco and Stage One. The company was founded in 2004 by Ofer Wald (founder of Surfree) and Eitan Ofri. Oversi is an alumni of the LabOne Innovations incubator program based in Tel Aviv. Among its competitors are  PeerApp (a US company with R&D offices in Herzlya, Israel) and US-based CacheLogic.

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