The Chosen Start ups of Mini SeedCamp Tel Aviv

Seedcamp announced the lucky 20 who will participate in Mini Seedcamp Tel Aviv. 75 start ups submitted their applications, far exceeding the organizer’s expectations. For the first time in Israel, Seedcamp is kicking off on January 29th at my Alma Mater the Interdisciplinary Center (IDC) Herzliya.

And the chosen start ups are (in alphabetical order):

  1. appApprolix – Mobile advertising and B2C loyalty platform. ApProlix helps retailers increase loyalty by offering customers visiting a chain store to install the store’s mobile widget. The solution is composed of a SaaS Location based-CRM (LB-CRM) for the retailer side and InProximity interactive mobile engagement clients on the consumer side (mobile handset).
  2. Clear Applications – Online recruiting platform that enables employers to assign each candidate an evaluation score by conducting cognitive, personality and professional tests. This is particulary attractive to employers who wish to save costs on testing centers and shorten the cycle of due dilligence on a job applicant.
  3. comparComparsante – a health focused user generated content site that displays ranges of prices for drugs, consultations & surgeries as well as additional health products & services. The company plans to increase the transparancy in drug related research by publsihing studies and collecting feedback on health services and products from users.
  4. Corbomite Games – founded in 2006, Corbomite Games is a casual game development studio focused on story telling adventure games. The company has released two games to date: “Pizza Morgana” and “Zbang” in cooperation with Israel’s leading cartoonists.
  5. Coretal – with its flagship product, Diffusion DVS, Coretal develops Configuration Management Solution for databases, tailored for teams that require synchronization between source codes and database structures. The company was founded in 2006
  6. Devunity – a social collaboration platform, that provides a collaborative development environment online. The platform operates on the cloud and lets coders deploy their developments to cloud services such as the Google App Engine and Amazon Cloud Services. Devunity is a TC50 Finalist and has been backed by Yossi Vardi
  7. freeFree Way – aiming to connect existing navigation services and applications into one big shared network. Using that connection, Free Way plans to offer device agnostic, accurate traffic condition & social localized information in real time. Big idea in early stage. Founded in 2009.
  8. fyzFYZ – develops a management platform targeted at municipalities and local governments. The system is a mashup of services, aggregating geo-coded events, thus helping municipalities address problems in a timely fashion. Founded in 2008 and developed in .Net and Silverlight.
  9. icontentiContent – semantic advertising technology. iContent analyzes the semantic meaning of the text on a page and delivers semantically matching ads. As I understand, this takes Google Adsense a step forward since the matching is not based on the actual keyword, but on the semantic meaning of the page.
  10. jagagJagagMobile – an easy to use mobile site creation platform for consumers and businesses, enables the creation of WAP sites in minutes. Jag and Go promotes the sites through a link at the end of text messages sent from the site. The company is already live with 35,000 mobile sites already as well as a hosted white label mobile service for affiliates.
  11. Jamamate -a social network for musicians and music lovers focused on music creation and sharing.
  12. Qoof – brings video to the eCommerce world by producing online videos on products, inserting sales information into videos and promoting them through a distributed, multi-channel, targeted and personalized video commerce network. Qoof is one of the more experienced start ups on this list, and is already working with 500 retailers. Most recently, Qoof won of Mashable’s open web awards in the embeddable widgets category.
  13. SekiNdo – brings more transparency to the online advertising process. Sekindo provides a marketplace of ads, providing publishers the ability to choose ads for their websites based on targeting and pricing, and advertisers simply approve publishers’ choice.  An automated system,  automatically  displays an ad whenever manual chosen ads are not available.  SekiNdo’s ad network currently serves 300K daily impressions in the Israeli market after launching the Israeli platform 3 months ago.
  14. Sendm – a many-to-many SMS messaging solution. Users can send group text messages to their phone contacts AND social network connections using Sendm’s network agnostic technology (supports GSM, CDMA, EDGE, UMTS). Similar to Facebook messages, users who received a Sendm SMS can see the recipient list and choose who they reply to. Sendm has strategic partnerships with IBM, SUN and Gemalto.
  15. SenseMatic – developer of social mobile apps.  SenseMatic’s first product is GetSweet, a location based aggregator of social network information and a mobile chat platform.
  16. similarSimilarWeb – think of Similar Web as an improved Stumble Upon. SW is a browser Add-on that analyzes surfing characteristics and offers the user easy access to related sites.
  17. syntensitySyntensity – developing a technology-rich platform for virtual worlds and online 3D games. The company’s innovation is in the improved efficiency it brings to the virtual worlds games, providing a better user experience and lower deployment costs. Founded in 2008, still in stealth, but check out these videos.
  18. vizmoVizmo – claims to cut the phone-based customer service interaction costs by up to 90% with its mobile self-service platform. The technology presents on screen information and navigation menus to mobile callers upon placing a customer service call.
  19. wepaperwePapers – Think of Scribd meets Slideshare. wePapers is a content sharing platform, aimed to help university students, lecturers and researchers to publish, share and find academic documents

Really a great mix of seed companies and a few familiar names as well.  On the 29th, each start up will conduct a 5 minute demo, followed by 3 on 1 mentoring sessions. As a Seedcamp product management mentor, I wish that each and every one of these bright folks will know how to leverage the potential of their venture.  Seedcamp is providing not only a great way to get visibility in Europe, but also the support of a strong group of experienced industry mentors, from product designers to venture capitalists and marketing specialists. In addition, the  winners of this event will be invited to the  – stay tuned for more coverage. My props to Saul Klein and Yaron Orenstein of for putting the event together.  This is the type of news that I want to be reading about Israel.

Eze Vidra

Eze is startup investor and advisor. Until recently he was a General Partner at Google Ventures Europe. Before joining GV, Eze started Campus London, Google's first physical hub for startups, and led Google for Entrepreneurs in Europe. He's an experienced product manager and startup mentor. In 2012 Eze founded Techbikers, a non-for profit supporting children education in developing countries.

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