Paranoid Angels: does your investor suffer from Paranoid Personality Disorder?

I was chatting to a friend that had ‘investor problems’ and we came to the conclusion that many angels suffer from paranoia. The World Health Organization paranoid personality disorder is characterized by the following:

  • excessive sensitivity to setbacks and rebuffs;
  • tendency to bear grudges persistently, i.e. refusal to forgive insults and injuries or slights;
  • suspiciousness and a pervasive tendency to distort experience by misconstruing the neutral or friendly actions of others as hostile or contemptuous;
  • a combative and tenacious sense of personal rights out of keeping with the actual situation;
  • recurrent suspicions, without justification, regarding sexual fidelity of spouse or sexual partner;
  • tendency to experience excessive self-importance, manifest in a persistent self-referential attitude;
  • preoccupation with unsubstantiated “conspiratorial” explanations of events both immediate to the patient and in the world at large.

If you’ve encountered three or more of these symptoms with your investor, you almost certainly have a paranoid angel. The good news are that it’s treatable with anti-anxiety medications, such as Vodka, Whiskey and large quantities of beer ;-)

Trust is a huge factor for both startup and investor in this long-term relationship, so make sure you do your due diligence and align your goals as early as possible.

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Eze Vidra

General Partner, Google Ventures at Google
Eze is a General Partner at Google Ventures Europe. Before joining GV, Eze started Campus London, Google's first physical hub for startups, and led Google for Entrepreneurs in Europe. He's an experienced product manager and startup mentor. In 2012 Eze founded Techbikers, a non-for profit supporting children education in developing countries.
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