Whitepaper: The Customer Experience Deficit in Multi Channel Retail

Confused consumer

It’s enough to observe consumer behavior for a couple of hours in the nearest mall to you, to understand that the way we shop, has dramatically changed since welcoming smartphones and tablets to our lives. People browse, choose, pay and troubleshoot products using mobile sites, apps and social media shaking the ground for multi-channel retailers, who until now mainly focused on their brand and brick and mortar shops Continue Reading

eCommerce: A VC Story [guest post]

ecommerce history - a VC story

, on more than one occasion I encountered a VC saying that the eCommerce model doesn’t have a “VC feel” to it. Huh? What were they missing? Why weren’t they seeing what I was seeing? Hadn’t they heard about the recent funding rounds from Ecommerce companies Groupon and LivingSocial? Since then, and after resting aside my ego, I placed myself back in my VC shoes to try to understand what “proof” such VCs needed to feel comfortable with an eCommerce investment. Continue Reading