Words of Encouragement for European Startups

What do these numbers mean for Europe? http://on.ft.com/12aUCZZ Less

The Eurozone is in crisis – GDP numbers point to the worst recession since 1999 and major economies are shrinking. That said, the startup ecosystems are growing and have lot to be optimistic about. I urge founders to also consider the good news and take on a more positive outlook based on “this is water”‘ by David Foster Wallace. Continue Reading

Startups Start Local But Go Global. Is Europe Included?

Eze Vidra and Yossi Vardi Tel Aviv cities summit

Last week I had the pleasure of speaking at the Cities Summit Tel Aviv, in a session moderated by Mr Yossi Vardi. The topic was the “Innovative code” of cities. My talk focused on London and its ability to become a startup center in Europe. In a nutshell, London has all the components it needs to succeed. Continue Reading