Why Startups Should Think 10X from Day One

Folks in Silicon Valley seem to have been indoctrinated in the “Think big” mentality fully – and it’s contagious.

I’ve spent the past couple of weeks working with my American colleagues in New York and San Francisco and meeting our global partners. If there’s one thing I could say is a stark difference between European entrepreneurs and Silicon Valley ones, is this 10X, or “moonshot” thinking. Continue Reading

Invest in Israel Newsletter – June 2013 Edition

Invest in israel VC Cafe

As every month, VC Cafe is re-posting the “Invest in Israel” Newsletter, published by the investment promotion center of Israel’s Ministry of Industry, Trade and Labor, which offers many helpful tools for prospecting investors.  For the Invest in Israel archive, click here.  The highlight this… Continue Reading

Hangouts on Air Live at LeWeb London 2012

LeWeb London 2012

LeWeb, probably the biggest tech conference in Europe, migrated from Paris to London for the first time this year. While lots of the ‘action’ happened on stage, I was asked to moderate a few “Hangouts on Air” backstage. In a nutshell, Hangouts on Air essentially enable you to broadcast a live hangout conversation with multiple participants on Google+, and then automatically transform the live stream into a YouTube video. Continue Reading

Market Insights Tool: Consumer Commerce Barometer

Consumer commerce barometer

For all the advertising and ecommerce startups out there: the Consumer Commerce Barometer (CCB) is a great way to gain market insights into how consumers interact with the internet as a source of information for purchasing decision. CCB is the result of a global effort by the IAB Europe in partnership with TNS Infratest and Google to quantify the role of online in the consumer journey from research to purchase. Continue Reading