Why Nobody Seems to Want Non-Technical Co-Founders

Steves: Jobs and Wozniak of Apple

Everyone wants to be an entrepreneur at the moment, and resources such as WorkInStartups, Founder2Be and Enternships have sprung up to help people locate co-founders and create or work in startups. Strikingly the vast majority of startup positions advertised are for technical co-founders such as CTO or Developer… Continue Reading

Does Entrepreneurship Age Like Wine? [guest post]

Baby picture

But what about entrepreneurs? Do they turn to vinegar with age? The answer would be a big yes if you follow the common Valley myth which goes something like: if you do not make it by the time you are thirty you are probably not going to make it at all. Followed by the usual suspects list of Gates, Zuckerberg, Mason and others. Continue Reading

Working with Other Cultures: How to Do Business in India [guest post]

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Doing business in India is about breaking the code. Ben Gilad gives practical advice on what to expect when dealing with Indian companies, how to behave and what are the key tips for negotiating with Indian businesses in the 21st century. Continue Reading