The Golden Age of Israeli Startups: Mergers and Acquisitions (Part III)

The local high tech industry in Israel continues to provide exits for investors mainly through the M&A route, while the rest of the world struggles with IPOs. According to a recent study published by IVC Online, Israeli high tech M&A… Continue Reading

eBay’s Paypal acquires Israel’s Fraud Sciences for $169 million, 12 times the return for investors


In an effort to fight fraudulent transactions and boost trust in online purchases, Paypal, the online payment service of eBay (NSDQ: EBAY), bought Israel/California based Fraud Sciences for a whooping $169 million in cash.  Fraud Sciences is has developed online… Continue Reading

Mutually beneficial: Israeli companies open offices in the US

Us-Israel flag

Attracting talent and companies is not an easy task for US cities and states. In the current labor market, American companies are outsourcing jobs to India, the Philippines, China, etc. In contrast, Israeli companies are moving operations to the US,… Continue Reading