Lean Market Research for Startups

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Most startups will fail in their first two years of operation and only one percent of the startups that pitch to VCs will end up receiving funding. Continue Reading

Startups for Startups: The Top B2B Tools Used by Startups

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Why do so many founders build things no one wants? Because they begin by trying to think of startup ideas. – Paul Graham, Ycombinator Picks and Axes In his list of startup ideas for Ycombinator applicants, one category in particular… Continue Reading

Steve Blank’s Customer Development on One Diagram

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This was just too good not to share. In a nutshell, start by talking to customers. Come up with a minimum viable product and test product market fit. Avoid building junk that users aren’t asking for. Did you find something that is repeatable and scalable in your tests? now it’s time to find a business model that captures the value for the product or service you are providing to customers. Continue Reading

The Startup Genome Compass Tool is Live – Why Do Startups Fail?

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Three months ago, Bjoern Herrmann and 21 year old Max Marmer decided to put some hard data to the test, by benchmarking 3,200 statrups on 25 KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) in their very buzzed Startup Genome Report. They didn’t stop at just writing reports, and have put together a startup accelerator in Silicon Valley, called Blackbox. Continue Reading

Fail Fast, Fail Cheap? A contrarian point of view

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Contrary to popular belief, failing fast and failing cheap could actually do a disservice to your startup. VC Cafe takes a contrarian view on this popular startup piece of advice. Continue Reading