Bitesize Monday: Recap of Israeli startup investments and product launches


June 2011 kicks off with the completion of HTIA, Israel’s high tech association conference, where more than 90 (!) startups have exhibited. May has been a busy month for Israeli startups with great exposure in Techrunch disrupt in New York, funding rounds and debate about the future of the Israeli venture capital funds. Below are the headlines. Continue Reading

Israeli VC Funds Raised $793 Million in 2008


The capital available for investment now reaches $1 Billion, of which $400 million is intended for first investments in high-tech companies and the remainder reserved for follow-on investments. Forecasts for 2009 are pretty grim – IVC estimates only $300 million to be raised this year Continue Reading

Nickels and Dimes in Israeli Venture Capital

Drought Lake Lanier - compare

The Israeli venture capital industry has experienced a $250 million decline in the past few months. Israeli venture capital funds have struggled to raise the target capital and the impact is likely to be felt on emerging technology companies in Israel. Continue Reading

Virtualization is “Xeround” The Corner With An Extra $16 Million


Israeli startup Xeround announced a fourth round of $16 million led by US funds Trilogy Funds (who also just invested in Zon Networks) and Ignition Partners. Giza and Benchmark, the two Israeli funds that invested in Xeround early on, also joined… Continue Reading

Bitesize Monday: 5 Israeli Companies Get Cash Injections


Ben Gurion once said: “In Israel, in order to be a realist you must believe in miracles”. Boy was he right. Ehud Olmert’s entanglement in what seems to be a deep bribery case, is the sixth investigation opened against Israel’s… Continue Reading

Investors Believe In Iamba Networks, Add $7 Million Investment

Iamba networks has secured a $7 million round from previous investors Pitango Venture Capital, Cedar Fund, Giza Venture Fund and UK-based Kreos Capital. The company develops chips for telecommunications, specifically Gigabit Passive Optical Networking (GPON), a technology that aims to… Continue Reading

The Golden Age? Israeli Startups Experience Funding Streak (Part I)

Since I started following the Israeli market in 2005, it’s not often that I’ve seen so many Israeli startups raise money in such a short period of time. Capital raising is seen across the board in Telecommunications, Cleantech, Internet, Consumer… Continue Reading