UK and Israel – Growth through Partnership (Guest Post)

UK and Israel

One can clearly see a close and compelling partnership between Britain and Israel, specifically in business and trade, where both countries recognising their partner’s strengths, seek to use it to encourage and enhance their own potential. Continue Reading

IVC Report: The most active VC Funds in Israel in 2012


A new report by IVC Research center, ranks the most active VC funds in Israel according to their first money investments. Carmel Ventures topped the list with 11 new investments followed by Horizons Ventures. In total, 90 VC funds in… Continue Reading

A Look Back On VC Cafe’s Journey Since 2005

Top 50 Venture capital blogs according to blogrank

VC Cafe turned seven! in this post I cover the journey of starting VC Cafe, the highs and downs along the way, and the path I followed to evolve it from a news reporting blog to a site that provides founders with practical advice. Continue Reading

“Indecent Proposal” For Startup Founders


Would you accept an offer of $8000 to build an MVP for that idea you’ve been toying with and had no balls to act upon. It seems that while the cost of creating a startup has significantly declined, and the barriers to entry enable literally almost anyone to start a technology startup, there’s no substitute for the passion, focus and attention of the founding team and it’s unlikely to be artificially produced in a “Lab” environment or by simply providing a small amount of capital. Continue Reading

Games of Luck vs Games of Skill and What it Means for the Tech Industry

Roulette Table

There’s been a lot of talk recently about small startups being over funded.  Sean Parker, founder of Napster,  President of Facebook and Founders Fund investor,  said: “The market is ridiculously overcrowded with early-stage investors. A lot of these early-stage investors… Continue Reading

Thoughts on Spanish Startups from La Red Innova 2011

Red Innova logo

I’m currently in Madrid, Spain, giving a keynote in La Red Innova, speaking about mobile search and its impact on ecommerce. Red Innova is a thought leadership conference held for the third year in Madrid Continue Reading

How Can Israeli Startups Raise Funding in Silicon Valley?

How to raise capital in Silicon Valley from VCs

VC investors rely heavily on referrals, but what should a non US startup do when looking to raise funding in Silicon Valley? I found a question on Quora that relates to European startups, but found that some of the advice may be very relevant to Israeli startups as well. How best can European startups land VC funding in the US / Sillicon Valley? Continue Reading

The VC Cafe Book Shelf – Recommended Startup Reading

I love books. Can’t get enough of them (even though I’m running out of space already). Thanks to Shelfari I was able to start putting together the VC Cafe virtual book shelf, but ideally, you could contribute to it with your recommended reads on the topics of startup and venture capital. Continue Reading