Dos and Don’ts When Raising Venture Capital For the First Time

Dos and Don

Every now and then I run into a post that I’d love VC Cafe readers to see. The post “What I learned from raising venture capital” by Gabriel Weinberg, the founder of DuckDuckGo is one of them. WHAT TO DO WHEN RAISING VENTURE CAPITAL: Save up good news for the middle of the process – launching features that promote growth and getting recognition from the industry (awards, etc) in good timing can help “maximize luck” Continue Reading

The VC Cafe Book Shelf – Recommended Startup Reading

I love books. Can’t get enough of them (even though I’m running out of space already). Thanks to Shelfari I was able to start putting together the VC Cafe virtual book shelf, but ideally, you could contribute to it with your recommended reads on the topics of startup and venture capital. Continue Reading