Foreign Investment in Israel tech reaches 77% of total

Multinational Corporate involvement in Israel is breaking new records, reaching 77% of total invested capital in 2018. Large part of that activity is driven by MNCs. There are 368 multinational corporations active today in Israel. They drive much of the M&A activity and leverage Israel’s talent for R&D. While overall it’s extremely positive, it can also create a talent crunch for fledgling startups. Continue Reading

Flight of the BAT: Chinese Tech Charging Ahead

We seem to have hit an inflection point as more VC funding went to China than the US in Q2 2018. Baidu, Alibaba and Tencent are investing billions in innovation and have a play in seemingly every sector of technology. But what would it take for American companies to succeed in China or Chinese companies to succeed in America? And will trade tariffs slow up growth? Continue Reading

Israel & Japan: Konnichi Wa to Collaboration, Sayonara to Stagnation

Japan is the world’s #3 economy…but not for Israel. It is not even a top 10 trading partner. To strengthen bi-lateral trade, Avi Hasson, Chief Scientist and Chairman of the Israeli Innovation Authority, led a delegation of 11 Israeli IoT startups this… Continue Reading

Media, Education and Context in 2020

I was asked to contribute to a crowdsourced book about the future, looking to predict the world in 2020. While it doesn’t seem that far away, I took the liberty of virtually ‘closing my eyes’ to imagine how Media, Context and Education would change in 6 years time. Continue Reading

Waze Raises $30M to Expand into China

Waze, the social GPS and traffic app, has raised a fresh $30 million from Li Ka-shing’s Horizon Ventures, and Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers’ iFund and Digital Growth Fund. This brings their total funding to over $57 million. Waze is headquartered in Israel but has another main office in Palo Alto. Continue Reading