CES 2013 Preview: What Happens in Vegas, STAYS in Vegas

CES logo

This week marks the annual orgy of PR excess known as the Consumer Electronics Show. More than 150,000 (mostly male) visitors, many sporting T-shirts with mysterious acronyms like ā€œ4K in HD3Dā€, will alternate between 2 million square feet of exhibition space and the craps tables. Unfortunately for the 3,200 exhibitors, their marketing dollars will be squandered. Although I will predict a few likely trends, when it comes to CES, what happens in Vegas really does STAY in Vegas. Continue Reading

Innovative Technology and Design Prototypes from Israel’s miLAB

miLAB is a research and prototyping lab that explores the future of media, technology, and human-computer interaction. Launched in the Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya (IDC), possibly the top Israeli college (and my alma mater), the lab’s ambitious vision is to empower students to create and invent, by bridging media and technology as well as academia and industry. Continue Reading