Israeli Consumers Prefer ONLINE Media

In a survey released this week by Google and BCG, among the 11 countries surveyed, Israelis ascribed the most value to their online media. The value that Israeli consumers attach to online media suggests that business models will need to rapidly adapt to this new environment. Continue Reading

Social TV Has Arrived…Is There a Business Model?

Nielsen has made it official- Multi-tasking across screens, particularly while watching TV, is now the norm. With US Smartphone penetration on pace to reach 80% next year (Asymco) and 2012 tablet sales of 136 million units, the era of Social TV has arrived. Continue Reading

Vikido Launched Social Network and Web Browser for Parents and Kids

Israeli startup Vikido has launched in beta, what some blogs call the Facebook for parents and their kids. The self proclaimed “social network with training wheels”, enables kids to create and share audio, video and images with their parents, who can then control with whom the kids information is shared whether it is public or private (similar concept to Google+ Circles) as well as what channel is used for sharing, be it other social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Google+ etc) or email. Continue Reading

Bootstrapped Analyzd Sells for Tens of Millions

Analyzd sold to Swedish Klarna

The wave of Israeli startup exits continues. Analyzd, a startup started by two brothers in a garage, developing fraud detection algorithms for e-commerce sites, has been acquired by Swedish company Klarna for an undisclosed sum estimated at tens of millions of Dollars. Analyzd is less than one year old and completely self-funded by the Samet brothers, Ohad and Yuval. Continue Reading