The first Israeli Super-Angel Seed Fund Launches with $25 Million

Today, seed funding in Israel got a little boost with the launch of the first Israeli Super Angel Seed Fund (or a so-called “Micro Venture Capital Fund”) with $25 million in funding, Started by Avi Domoshevizki, Sani Sanilevich, Ofer Arieli and Saeed Amidi. Continue Reading

Semantic web search lives: Semantinet got $1.7 Million from Giza and Vardi to prove it

SemantiNet, a semantic search technology startup based in Israel, raised a round of $1.7 million led by Giza Venture Capital. Israeli angel and internet guru Yossi Vardi is listed among Semantinet’s previous investors along with Sir Ronald Cohen (founder of Apax Partners), Robert Imershein, Moudi Ben-Shachand and Jeff Pulver. … Continue Reading