Holiday Hacks for Founders

quotes about holiday

I blew it. Everything was going so well. I started a 30 day blogging challenge, and was religiously disciplined about posting every day. I even posted after a 2-hour visit to the hospital when my daughter accidentally scratched my cornea (it only hurt when I blinked, if you know what I mean). 

But then I went on holiday and things really started slipping. I would start a post and not finish. The pool and jetlag got me so tired that I’d pass out on my phone or while reading a book. And, it was so hard to find a block of time to focus on writing a post. This made me think it’s something many of us struggle with. How can one enjoy a holiday when we have so many commitments (to work, family, ourselves)? 

In this post I outline 10 holiday hacks for founders from friends and my own experience. Continue Reading