VentureGeek’s Graduate 6Scan Gets Funded by YL Ventures

sixscan israeli startup logo

Israeli startup 6scan today announced it has raised an undisclosed A round led by YL Ventures. 6scan, still in stealth mode, offers a protection suite for website through its 6scan Patrol and 6scan Bodyguard products. It acts like a white hat hacker, monitoring sites for known and unknown threats for $10 a month. Continue Reading

Land of Milk, Honey and Wine: Get Familiar with Wine Funds and Israeli Wineries

Have you heard of “Wine Funds”? Today you can invest in fine wines through offshore funds based on the principle is that fine wines come in limited supply and increase in price in short bursts based on scoring or trends, rather than linearly over time. As the quantity of these wines is quickly reduced, price increases. Continue Reading