5 Tech Trends that Dominated Headlines in 2017

Corporate VC as total deal volume

In my last post, I covered 5 tech trends that shaped 2017 including the proliferation of AI, Blockchain and crypto currencies the growing dominance of GAFAM, etc. Below, I cover the trends that dominated the headlines in 2017 including fake news, the tech code of conduct, IPOs, corporate VC, Softbank and more. What would you add? Continue Reading

How Can Israeli Startups Raise Funding in Silicon Valley?

How to raise capital in Silicon Valley from VCs

VC investors rely heavily on referrals, but what should a non US startup do when looking to raise funding in Silicon Valley? I found a question on Quora that relates to European startups, but found that some of the advice may be very relevant to Israeli startups as well. How best can European startups land VC funding in the US / Sillicon Valley? Continue Reading