mHealth is Booming – What to Expect in 2013

There is no doubt that mobile devices are transforming healthcare. Continue Reading

The Interconnected Tech Industry [Infographic]

Interconnected tech companies in the valley mashable infographic

Mashable published a brilliant infographic on the connections between the large tech companies in the valley, including Google, Microsoft, Apple, Paypal, eBay and others. So whether someone was a Paypal Mafia member or a Xoogler, the conclusion is that they all end up filling their pockets and working for one of their neighbors in San Francisco, Mountain View or Palo Alto. Continue Reading

Mutually beneficial: Israeli companies open offices in the US

Attracting talent and companies is not an easy task for US cities and states. In the current labor market, American companies are outsourcing jobs to India, the Philippines, China, etc. In contrast, Israeli companies are moving operations to the US,… Continue Reading