Israel’s Machine Intelligence Startup Landscape 2017

In previous posts, VC Cafe covered promising Machine Intelligence startups in Israel, emerging clusters for Machine Intelligence around the world and the speed at which they are getting funded and acquired. Today, Daniel Singer presents a comprehensive AI landscape covering 437 Israeli startups operating in the space of artificial intelligence, machine learning, deep learning, NLP, computer vision and robotics. Of the 430 startups, 300 are funded and active and to date, Israeli startups raised a combined $3.2 billion. There have been a few exits in the space as well Р33 Israeli machine Intelligence startups exited, reaching $1 billion in returns.  Continue Reading

BizCamp Tel Aviv Wants to Bring the Best European Startups to Israel

The city of Tel Aviv, in partnership with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, is launching BizCamp Tel Aviv, a “Startup Bootcamp” for European entrepreneurs. It’s a great prize, which includes free flights and accommodation, plus a dedicated programme of seminars, networking opportunities, and visits to the main R&D facilities of Google, eBay and Microsoft. Continue Reading

Does Entrepreneurship Age Like Wine? [guest post]

But what about entrepreneurs? Do they turn to vinegar with age? The answer would be a big yes if you follow the common Valley myth which goes something like: if you do not make it by the time you are thirty you are probably not going to make it at all. Followed by the usual suspects list of Gates, Zuckerberg, Mason and others. Continue Reading