VC Cafe Turns 9

Last week LinkedIn reminded me that it’s been 9 years since I started VC Cafe (Dec 2005). Several people sent their congratulations (thank you btw), and it reminded me it’s been a while since I blogged regularly. I prefer springing into action rather than being sentimental, but I thought a little summary and a selection of highlights may inspire someone who is thinking about blogging to share their thoughts through this medium. Continue Reading

Want Your Startup To Appear in TechCrunch? Lean Marketing Hacks for Startups

How to get the first users to your startup and spread the word using growth hacking techniques. Continue Reading

Older, Richer, More Customers: Accelerators Go Corporate

Corporate accelerators are a recent phenomenon, both in Israel and globally. Microsoft selected Israel last year to launch its very first accelerator program. The company takes no equity, with the emphasis on business and technical mentoring. Continue Reading

VC Cafe Featured in “Blogs Every Israeli Startup Must Know”

TheMarker, Israel’s prominent business magazine and Haaretz, one of Israel’s largest newspapers, featured VC Cafe in a spread on “The Blogs That Every Israeli Startup Should Know“. Guy Grimland, editor of TheMarker IT, interviewed me a couple weeks ago and… Continue Reading

Go Israel: Out of 8 stories on Techcrunch’s homepage, 5 are on Israel: AllofMe, SeeToo, Google Israel, eToro and SuTree

The front page at TechCrunch looks as if it was taken out of the Venture Capital Cafe today. Out of 8 posts displayed on the home page, 5 are related to Israel – not bad for a tiny country in the middle east. AllofMe, SeeToo, Google Israel, eToro and SuTree – read more on VC Cafe. Continue Reading