Dos and Don’ts When Raising Venture Capital For the First Time

Every now and then I run into a post that I’d love VC Cafe readers to see. The post “What I learned from raising venture capital” by Gabriel Weinberg, the founder of DuckDuckGo is one of them. WHAT TO DO WHEN RAISING VENTURE CAPITAL: Save up good news for the middle of the process – launching features that promote growth and getting recognition from the industry (awards, etc) in good timing can help “maximize luck” Continue Reading

BillGuard – Fends Off VCs in $10M Series B Round

bill guard yaron samid

BillGuard has raised $10 Million in their Series B round of financing. Investors include bigtime funds like Khosla Ventures, Peter Thiel’s Founder’s Fund, Eric Schmidt’s Innovation Endeavors; previous investors Bessemer Venture Partners and IA Ventures also contributed to this round Continue Reading

Half of Israel’s VCs Believe We Are Near A Second Internet Bubble

During the next six months, I expect the overall economic climate to: VC Cafe

The recent wave of Internet IPOs seems to remind the Israeli VCs of the previous tech bubble. 50% of them, believe that we’re about to enter a second bubble and 33% claim that Groupon, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Zynga are overvalued, according to the latest Israel VC Indicator Survey for Q2 2011, published by Deloitte. Continue Reading

Zeev Holtzman: Israeli VC is on the verge of collapse [but wait, there’s more]

Zeev Holtzman, founding partner of Giza Venture Capital and founding member of the Israel Venture Association (IVA), cautioned that “Israel’s venture capital and startup industry is heading for collapse. The industry, which is the economy’s growth engine, is liable to be irreversibly damaged”, in a recent interview to the Venture Capital Journal Continue Reading

Entrepreneurs: How to Delight Your VC [part I]

VC Cafe asked European and Israeli VCs for their wish list from entrepreneurs, or in other words, what should entrepreneurs be doing more or less of, to maximize their chances of success. Continue Reading