Fundraising Recommendations for Startups (Part I)

Image credit to HowardLake, Flickr

I’ve been contacted by several members the VC Cafe Network on LinkedIn who are asking for assistance in fundraising for a web startup or a mobile app. I’m writing today to share my recommendations with all who have enquired, and with the broader group of VC Cafe readers. Continue Reading

Startup Equity Crowdfunding Grows in Europe (NESTA Report)

The Venture Crowd

The Nesta report “The Venture Crowd” reveals that in 2011 alone, €1.5 billion was raised through crowdfunding for projects and businesses in need of funds. Amongst the different types of crowdfunding: Donation, Reward, Lending and Equity, the latter is on the rise as a fundraising mechanism for European startups. Continue Reading

Leveraging your social networks for crowdfunding success [Guest post by RocketHub]

RocketHub crowdsourced funfing

Crowdfunding platforms can offer the credibility and infrastructure necessary to successfully harness the financial power of the crowd, but because crowdfunding is a new trend, many people misunderstand how to effectively leverage the tools available to them. RocketHub’s founder presents the pitfalls to avoid for crowdfunding success. Continue Reading