FFF and 31 Crowdfunding Platforms To Raise Money for Your Startup

Crowdfunding platforms in the UK 2013

Crowdfunding is rapidly growing in the UK and elsewhere. No longer restricted to Friends Family and Fools, founders can Continue Reading

The Ultimate Startup Intelligence Tools List 2013


It used to be hard to find information about early stage startups. Team members (and their background), funding to date, metrics (not just the vanity metrics shared by management). VC Cafe collated the top startup intelligence tools for 2013. These include startup research, market size for startups, competitive analysis, startup maps Continue Reading

Stop the Clones. Create a Purple Cow

In a world of increasingly growing choice, consumers face a continuous need to make decisions. With limited resources (time, money, attention span), the decision to register/buy/vote/comment on your online store/website or blog, takes seconds at best. That is why, I suppose, creating differentiation for your product can make the difference between failure and success. Continue Reading

Fundraising Recommendations for Startups (Part I)

I’ve been contacted by several members the VC Cafe Network on LinkedIn who are asking for assistance in fundraising for a web startup or a mobile app. I’m writing today to share my recommendations with all who have enquired, and with the broader group of VC Cafe readers. Continue Reading

Hangouts on Air Live at LeWeb London 2012

LeWeb London 2012

LeWeb, probably the biggest tech conference in Europe, migrated from Paris to London for the first time this year. While lots of the ‘action’ happened on stage, I was asked to moderate a few “Hangouts on Air” backstage. In a nutshell, Hangouts on Air essentially enable you to broadcast a live hangout conversation with multiple participants on Google+, and then automatically transform the live stream into a YouTube video. Continue Reading

Leveraging your social networks for crowdfunding success [Guest post by RocketHub]

RocketHub crowdsourced funfing

Crowdfunding platforms can offer the credibility and infrastructure necessary to successfully harness the financial power of the crowd, but because crowdfunding is a new trend, many people misunderstand how to effectively leverage the tools available to them. RocketHub’s founder presents the pitfalls to avoid for crowdfunding success. Continue Reading