HTIA 2012 – The Current VC Vibe in Israel

“Financing in Times of Uncertainty” Roundtable Session, HTIA 2012 Conference by IATI

On a macro level, VC funding for the most part hasn’t really changed. We’ve seen some pretty good years recently, with VC funding in Israel reaching an all-time high in 2011 at a record $2.2 billion in VC investment. While overall this is quite impressive, only 24% of VC investment in Israel actually came from Israeli VCs. Continue Reading

Zeev Holtzman: Israeli VC is on the verge of collapse [but wait, there’s more]

Zeev Holtzman, founding partner of Giza Venture Capital and founding member of the Israel Venture Association (IVA), cautioned that “Israel’s venture capital and startup industry is heading for collapse. The industry, which is the economy’s growth engine, is liable to be irreversibly damaged”, in a recent interview to the Venture Capital Journal Continue Reading

Program Launched to Attract Institutional Investment to Israeli Venture Funds

State of Israeli ministry of Finance

The Israel Ministry of Finance and the the ministry of Industry, Trade and Labor have launched a new incentive program to attract institutional investment to funds who focus on Israel’s knowledge-intensive industries. Continue Reading

Reflections: How I Was Inspired by Ephraim Katzir

Ephraim Katzir was the 4th president of Israel. His paper, titled “My Contributions to Science and Society” tells Katzir’ story as an autobiography intricately enlaced in the story of the state of Israel. The paper not only inspired me, but also gave me context and a sense of proportion. While I recommend printing and reading the entire doc, below I’ve quoted some of the sections I found particularly inspiring. Continue Reading

Bitesize Monday: Boxee Raising, Israel Nano Technology, Israeli Chief Scientist

Extra Extra israeli headlines

Some of the week’s top Israeli startups headlines: Boxee is looking to raise a massive round -Sources say Boxee is out trying to raise a significant funding round, likely in the $10 million to $15 million range. Continue Reading