Israeli tech exits hit $6.94 Billion in 2014

A new report by IVC Research Center and law firm Meitar Liquornik Geva Leshem Tal found that 99 Israeli high tech exits reached $6.94 billion in 2014 up 5 percent from $6.59 billion of 2013 (90 exits). The IPO activity in 2014 reached a 10 year peak, to $2.1 billion. 18 companies sold in the range of $100 million to $500 million, compared to 12 in 2013 and the M&A equity ratio is up sharply. Continue Reading

Invest in Israel Newsletter – August 2013 Edition

As every month, VC Cafe is re-posting the “Invest in Israel” Newsletter, published by the investment promotion center of Israel’s Ministry of Industry, Trade and Labor, which offers many helpful tools for prospecting investors.  This month’s top headline is that Israeli exits in 2013… Continue Reading

IVC Report: The most active VC Funds in Israel in 2012


A new report by IVC Research center, ranks the most active VC funds in Israel according to their first money investments. Carmel Ventures topped the list with 11 new investments followed by Horizons Ventures. In total, 90 VC funds in… Continue Reading

Israeli VC Fundraising In 2012 Down 30% but Micro VC Funds on The Rise

capital fund raised 2003-2012 IVC

We’ve been hearing that Israeli VC funds struggle to raise follow on funds, but the extent of their demise is now becoming clearer, and gloomier. A new report released by IVC Online, highlights that Israeli Venture Capital funds raised $607 million in 2012, 30% down from the previous year Continue Reading

Israeli Tech Funding & Exits in 2012: Lots of Chutzpah but Show Me Your Instagram

Groucho Marx could have been talking about the Israeli hi-tech sector when he said “I made a killing on Wall Street a few years ago…I shot my broker”. In 2012, as Israeli exits topped $5.5 billion, there was reason to celebrate but plenty of cause for concern. Continue Reading

144 Israeli startups raised $483 million In Q1 2012

Distribution of first and follow-on Israeli VC fund investments (%)

According to the latest IVC-KMPG quarterly survey published today, in the first quarter of 2012, venture capital investments in Israel rached $483 million, up slightly from the amount invested in Q1/2011. 144 Israeli high-tech companies raised $483 million from Israeli and foreign venture investors, 15% below $569 million raised by 124 companies in the previous quarter, but almost equal to $479 million raised by 140 companies in Q1/2011. Continue Reading

Exits in Israel 2011: IPOs Pool is Dry, Buy M&A Activity up 134%

Chart 2- Israeli High-Tech Companies- Capital Raised from Investors vs. Proceeds from M&As & IPOs (2002-2011)

On aggregate, putting a dollar into Israeli high-tech could yield you more than double the returns (if only these things worked on aggregate!). In the last decade, Israeli high-tech companies raised approximately $15 billion from investors, compared to more than $37 billion received in M&A and IPO exits, according to the latest IVC report. Continue Reading

Israeli Startups Raised $2.14 Billion in 2011

IVC online 2011 VC report

Reports on the drop of local VC financing in Israel don’t tell the whole story. The latest IVC report reveals that in 2011, 546 Israeli high-tech companies raised $2.14 billion in VC funding, representing a 70% increase compared to the $1.26 billion raised in 2010 and almost double from the $1.12 billion raised in 2009. Continue Reading

Since the beginning of 2011, Israeli startups raised $1.57 Billion

The latest IVC Online report is out and it offers interesting color on the funding of Israeli startups. According to the report, 137 startups raised $522 million in Q3 of 2011, up 53% from the equivalent period in 2010, but down 8% from the $549 million raised in Q2 2011. Continue Reading