CEO Interview with BlazeMeter, Self-Served Load Testing in the Cloud

Israeli startup BlazeMeter, a load testing in the cloud compatible with open source Apache Jmeter, has recently raised an undisclosed round from Yoav Leitersdorf’s YL Ventures. I’ve contacted Blazemeter’s CEO Alon Girmonsky, to learn more about the product and the load-testing… Continue Reading

VentureGeek’s Graduate 6Scan Gets Funded by YL Ventures

sixscan israeli startup logo

Israeli startup 6scan today announced it has raised an undisclosed A round led by YL Ventures. 6scan, still in stealth mode, offers a protection suite for website through its 6scan Patrol and 6scan Bodyguard products. It acts like a white hat hacker, monitoring sites for known and unknown threats for $10 a month. Continue Reading

AcceloWeb (known as FasterWeb) sold to Limelight Networks


AcceloWeb, an Israeli startup formerly known as Fasterweb, has been acquired by Limelight Networks (Nasdaq:LLNW) for undisclosed terms. Acceloweb develops technology that helps increase the load time of websites, a need that has been growing as applications migrate to the cloud. Following the deal Acceloweb will become Limelight’s development center in Israel. Continue Reading

Seculert Raises A Round to Protect the Enterprise on the Cloud

Earlier this week YL Ventures announced a 7-figure USD investment in Israel-based Seculert, a new non-intrusive Security-as-a-Service that comprehensively detects cyber threats affecting corporate networks. Continue Reading