In “Save and Print These LumaScapes to Get a Grasp on Digital Media [Infographics]” posted on VC Cafe in June 2011, we shared the useful infographics created by US consultancy LumaPartners. The LumaScapes are a great way to depict an industry value chain all in one page. While they can be a bit limiting and US-centric, they do the job.

Joining the existing Lumascapes on display advertising, mobile, commerce, search, social, and video, today we are adding 3 new ones: Digital funding, strategic buyers and Gaming. What’s most interesting about these infographics is the categorization – I’d love to see the versions that include European and Asian companies in it.

Print and save this one too folks! Click on the infographics below to enlarge:


Gaming industry infographic

What is the gaming industry? Lumascape inforgraphic on VC Cafe

Digital capital investors inforgraphic lumascape VC Cafe

Who invests in startups across the board? Digital Capital Lumascape on VC Cafe

Who's going to buy your startup inforgraphic lumascape VC Cafe

Who is likely to buy your startup? Strategic Acquisitions inforgraphic lumascape


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