VCCAFE STARTUP INTELLIGENCE TOOLS It used to be hard to find information about early stage startups. Team members (and their background), funding to date, metrics (not just the vanity metrics shared by management) – all of these nuggets on private companies were behind a paywall of services like VentureSource, available only to those who could fork the annual subscription fees. But things have changed. There’s never been more information available on seed and pre-seed startups and the challenge is not being discovered or noticed. The main challenge startups face is to get used.

VC Cafe’s Startup Intelligence Tools List 2013

This is a comprehensive list of tools and companies who provide intelligence data on tech startups from pre-seed (alpha) to mature startups pre-acquisition. Curated by VC Cafe.
(Note: If you plan to copy or share this list, please attribute credit to the source. VC Cafe is protected under the creative commons license) 
Corporate (Paid) subscription Services
Analytics/ Market Research/ Statistics Directories (paid) 
Freemium Models/Reports
Beta Lists/ Reviews
B2B APP Marketplaces
User Generated/Wiki/ Startup Directories and insights
Government data/ Official records of companies
Startup Videos/ Product Demos/ Startup pitches
Startup Social Networks
Mobile App Directories/App Stores
Facebook App directories
CrowdFunding Platforms (Donation)
Equity Crowdfunding
Businesses for Sale (early stage and mature)
Accelerator Data
Academic Research
Startup Maps/Local Directories


If you were interested in this list, you’re probably going to the like the VC Cafe Startup Resources page.  Please do let us know if there’s anything missing here by leaving a comment, or a tweet at @Ediggs.

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Eze Vidra

Head of Google for Entrepreneurs Europe and Campus London at Google
Eze is the Head of Google for Entrepreneurs Europe and Campus London. In 2005, he started VC Cafe to shine a spotlight on startups and Venture Capital in Israel, and in 2012, Eze founded Techbikers, a non-for-profit that supports education through cycling challenges for techies.
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  • Sruthy Kumar

    There’s also for Singapore and for Bangalore

  • Gemma Hale

    Great list.

    I’d include duedil for Companies House info and great visual representations of growth patterns

  • Gemma Hale

     Great list.

    I’d include duedil for Companies House info and great visual representations of growth patterns

  • Rahul Chaudhary

    I would also suggest Founder Weekly, which sends out the best hand curated links related to entrepreneurship and startups. Here is a link

    Disclaimer: I am the curator of Founder Weekly.

  • Prescott Watson

    Great list!

    Unlike everyone below me, I’m not going to promote anything in this comment – just say thanks! ;-)

  • Ben Lang

    Thanks for including Mapped In Israel!

  • benfwirtz

    AMAZING! But… Angellist under crowdfunding and not startup social network?

  • Nick Freeman

    Thanks! Timely and useful.

  • Makers Academy

    I would add to this list, it’s a showcase of London’s tech startups by @teamsteer.

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