Lean Market Research for Startups

Up and to the right bitch

Most startups will fail in their first two years of operation and only one percent of the startups that pitch to VCs will end up receiving funding. Continue Reading

Thoughts on LeanCamp Unconference in London

I’m currently at LeanCamp, the unconference that aspires to help people both learn and teach evrerything Lean Startup related. I must admit, I’ve been to my fair share of conferences in the past few years, some were exclusive and expensive events to produce, some were humble gatherings (maybe too humble at times). LeanCamp strikes the perfect balance between a well-organized event and a community meetup or gathering. Continue Reading

Why Nobody Seems to Want Non-Technical Co-Founders

Steves: Jobs and Wozniak of Apple

Everyone wants to be an entrepreneur at the moment, and resources such as WorkInStartups, Founder2Be and Enternships have sprung up to help people locate co-founders and create or work in startups. Strikingly the vast majority of startup positions advertised are for technical co-founders such as CTO or Developer… Continue Reading

Pivot = Don’t Give Up

Lean startup VC Cafe

I’m a big fan of the Lean Startup movement. At the heart of Lean Startup methodology is the concept of “Pivoting”, essentially changing the product, the target market, the business model, etc when the startup can’t prove its original hypothesis. Continue Reading

MVP Testing – How to Drive Traffic to your Website

A few months ago, my colleague Jalin Somaiya and myself (Eze Vidra) gave the below presentation to a group of 20 entrepreneurs who participated in Launchpad, a London-based accelerator organized by Launch48. Continue Reading