A Look Back On VC Cafe’s Journey Since 2005

VC Cafe turned seven! in this post I cover the journey of starting VC Cafe, the highs and downs along the way, and the path I followed to evolve it from a news reporting blog to a site that provides founders with practical advice. Continue Reading

Games of Luck vs Games of Skill and What it Means for the Tech Industry

There’s been a lot of talk recently about small startups being over funded.  Sean Parker, founder of Napster,  President of Facebook and Founders Fund investor,  said: “The market is ridiculously overcrowded with early-stage investors. A lot of these early-stage investors… Continue Reading

Dos and Don’ts When Raising Venture Capital For the First Time

Every now and then I run into a post that I’d love VC Cafe readers to see. The post “What I learned from raising venture capital” by Gabriel Weinberg, the founder of DuckDuckGo is one of them. WHAT TO DO WHEN RAISING VENTURE CAPITAL: Save up good news for the middle of the process – launching features that promote growth and getting recognition from the industry (awards, etc) in good timing can help “maximize luck” Continue Reading

MVP Testing – How to Drive Traffic to your Website

A few months ago, my colleague Jalin Somaiya and myself (Eze Vidra) gave the below presentation to a group of 20 entrepreneurs who participated in Launchpad, a London-based accelerator organized by Launch48. Continue Reading

Want to Blog for VC Cafe? We’re Hiring!

vccafe is hiring

VC Cafe is looking for guest posts and a full time blogger. Let me tell you why it is an interesting opportunity. Israel has the highest number of startups per capita, and the highest amount of VC investments per capita in the world ($142!). We at VC Cafe have been putting the spotlight on Israeli innovation and VC investments in Israel since 2005 Continue Reading

10 New Israeli Startups, Hear Them Roar

This post takes a look at 10 Israeli startups funded in the last year. The descriptions of the startups are self reported. 1) Caftor (button in Hebrew) Caftor is two things: 1) a platform for connecting the real world with… Continue Reading

Going Down? Q3 VC Investments in US Tech Drop 14%

The latest VentureDeal quarterly report is out (see pdf) and it suggests that VC activity in tech has slowed down in the third quarter. Overall, 343 US companies raised $1.8 billion in venture capital funding in Q3 2010, representing a 14% decline in total funding amount compared to the previous quarter. The number of companies funded has also declined by 6%. Continue Reading

The VC Cafe Book Shelf – Recommended Startup Reading

I love books. Can’t get enough of them (even though I’m running out of space already). Thanks to Shelfari I was able to start putting together the VC Cafe virtual book shelf, but ideally, you could contribute to it with your recommended reads on the topics of startup and venture capital. Continue Reading