Forbes Reveals the 2013 Venture Capital Midas List

VC midas list 2013 forbesForbes released the 2013 Midas List for Venture Capital today, revealing the top tech investors in 2013. The Midas List shows that to be successful in VC, all you need is one big hit. Five of the top ten names on the list invested in Facebook, the largest tech IPO of 2012. This year the Midas List’s methodology was tweaked to include 6 month and one year performance post IPO. Seed investors continued to climb on the list this year, a proof of their increasing role in financing tech innovation, due to the falling costs of running tech startups.

See the charts below for more info on this year’s winners in VC. The “top tier” is pretty clear: “In terms of firms, the most sought-after early stage firms on Sand Hill Road in recent years have been Accel, Benchmark, Greylock, Sequoia, Kleiner Perkins, and in recent years Andreessen Horowitz. ”

VC Midas List 2012 Forbes

Who had the biggest exits in 2012?

Perhaps not surprising, Silicon Valley investors account for 72% of the list, followed by the East Coast of the US (15%), China (7%) and Europe (5%). 

Bay Area tops VC midas list 2013

Not surprising, that the largest number of Midas List entries are in the Bay Area…

Kleiner’s John Doerr tops the Hall of Fame with the largest tenure on the list, and is described by esteemed colleagues as a great product picker who avoids the spotlight. He arrived at Kleiner in 1980, after a successful stint as a salesman at Intel. They say it takes at list 10 years to achieve Mastery…

Midas List VC Hall of Fame

Midas list VC hall of fame

It’s not easy to secure a spot in the VC Midas List. An investor requires at least four qualifying investments (either exits or private companies valued above $200 million) to warrant inclusion on the Midas List. Jim Breyer tops the list with 11% equity in Facebook followed by Marc Andreessen, founder of Netscape and Ning turned VC. 

2013 VC midas list forbes

Credit source: Forbes, Data provided by Dow Jones VentureSource

Will Facebook, LinkedIn, Skype, Groupon… be replaced with Waze, Twitter, Tumblr next year? The list of firms that drove the most returns for VCs in 2012.

The top 20 companies driving this year’s Midas List rankings:

The top 20 companies driving this year’s Midas List rankings

The firms that generated billions in liquidity over the past five years, by number of GPs represented in this year’s ranking.

Strong VC Midas List

Strongest VC funds according to number of partners in Midas List

Notable fact is that I couldn’t find any VCs from Israel on the top 100 list, proving that most of the wealth from Israeli startups is generated by overseas investors.





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