Weekly Layoffs Report in Israel: Axismobile, NDS, Motorola….

unemployment was high in lego landIt is sad but yet, must be covered. Below are some of this week’s layoff announcements for Nov 30 – Dec 5:

Axismobile (closed) – fired 20 employees. (Their site is already totally blank. A must visit)
Axismobile had developed a unique service in which cellular’s users could reach their e-mails. Bought by Synchronica 3 months ago.

NDS – fired 100 employees. The company from Jerusalem develops encoding solutions for cables companies that can prevent illegal connection to cables.

Motorola – fired 50 employees in Israel.

Negevtech – fired 135 employees, stayed with 11 employees. Searching for a potential buyer.

Wivi – fired all its 10 Israeli employees. Investors are considering next steps.

Jacada – fired 24 employees. The company supplies call centers solutions.

The post was contributed by Morad Stern, a usability Expert who loves web, gadgets and tech. He also writes the Usability Blog. (Hebrew)