Special: The 56 Israeli Companies Exhibiting in Mobile World Congress 2011

Israeli Startups at MWC 2011The Mobile World Congress, possibly the largest International technology conference and definitely the most important mobile conference of the year is taking place in Barcelona this February 14-17. Israeli startups in the mobile space are once again showing impressive attendance levels, with 56 Israeli companies exhibiting in the Israeli Pavilion.

For the third consecutive year, VC Cafe puts the spotlight on the Israeli companies exhibiting in the MWC 2011 event. Previous Israeli exhibitors lists are available MWC 2009 and MWC 2010.

Below are the trends to watch this year, with exciting new Israeli entrants in each of these categories:

  • Android – the fastest growing mobile OS (Check out Pic2World and MailVision)
  • Mobile Apps and App stores – a new ecosystem was created and it’s here to stay (Check out LogiaGroup, Waze and Cellint)
  • e-commerce and m-commerce – more ways to interact with shoppers on the go; (Check out Feedbox)
  • Mobile analytics – measuring the impact of mobile and increasing customer engagement (Check out G-Stat)

Interested to meet any of these companies face to face at the WMC 2011? Simply fill in this form provided by the Israeli Foreign Trade Administration, Matimop and the Israel Export Institute.

MWC 2011 VC Cafe artworks

Below are the 56 Israeli companies who will exhibit at the 2011 Mobile World Congress:

  1. 3g vision company logo3G Vision
  2. – 3GVision is the global leader in mobile barcode services that use the camera phone to scan barcodes. Its i-nigma solution comprises of a mobile multi-barcode reader application and an integrated platform for managing barcode services. This allows customers to create, manage and track processes that include tagging of physical objects using barcodes. i-nigma was successfully deployed by hundreds of enterprises, among them operators, advertisers, integrators and solution providers.

  3. Aerotel Medical Systems company logoAerotel Medical Systems
  4. – Aerotel Medical Systems is a world leading manufacturer of modular, home and mobile telecare and telemedicine solutions designed to transfer essential data over the telephone, mobile phone and the Internet. Our solutions provide peace of mind, improve quality of life and save costs to users and service providers.

  5. allot logoAllot Communications
  6. – Allot is a leading provider of intelligent IP service optimization and revenuegeneration solutions based on Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) technology, Allot Service Gateway solutions for mobile broadband are compliant with 3G.4G/LTE and WiMax networks and provide full cell awareness

  7. Amos Spaceom israeli satellite company logoAmos Spacecom
  8. – Spacecom is offering a wide range of Pan African satellite services, including: Cellular backhaul, Rural telephony, Broadband VSAT networks, e-government, e-learning, e- health, Direct To Home (DTH) Multi-channel platforms, DSNG, Video Distribution & Contribution.

    The AMOS-5 is scheduled for launch to the 17°E Orbital position in mid 2011, expanding both coverage areas and capacity, while delivering a fixed pan-African C-band beam and three steerable Ku-band beams – all covering the African continent with connectivity to Europe and the Middle East and supporting multiple transponders in both C-band and Ku-band.

  9. asocs company logo israel MP100Asocs
  10. – Founded in 2003, ASOCS develops and markets MultiComms .processors that provide seamless connectivity over diverse wireless networks
    The ASOCS MP100 processor, featuring the ModemX™ core, represents a evolutionary approach to communications.

  11. AtlasCT company logoAtlasCT
  12. – Rich and award-winning line of location-based applications for the end-users (VAS) • Maps and LBS APIs for developers as a CSP branded developers zone, enabling more apps in portal and increased usage of data, SMS and MMS. Established location-based services to enable the CSP offer B2B and B2C services based on mobile positioning, tracking & locating, turn-by-turn navigation and mobile local search.

  13. bit2go company logoBit2go
  14. – Bit2go has launched a breakthrough middleware connecting the WWW and the mobile environment. Bit2go provides a creation and deployment layer that eliminates the need for any integration from content sources, enabling the reuse of any content from any website to any mobile device by any available means of input/output, such as SMS, WAP, MMS, App, etc.

  15. boomering communications company logoBoomeRing Communication
  16. – Free roaming technology – unique roaming solution which eliminates roaming costs in more than 150 countries. Based on cooperation between BoomeRing and a Mobile Network Operator (MNO) which enables fixed-line, international & alternative operators to terminate inbound & outbound calls to users roaming abroad & increase ARPU. The solution is applicable both for postpaid & prepaid market segments.

  17. ceedo technologies logoCeedo Technologies
  18. – Ceedo delivers workspace virtualization solutions that extend the reach of business computing to unmanaged PCs beyond the corporate domain. Ceedo’s unique PC software delivery platform can virtualize standard Windows applications, mobilize them through a cloud-based application marketplace and manage them on an isolated virtual workspace that runs from a USB device or PC.

  19. comarcom company logo IsraelComarcom
  20. – Established back in 2003, Comarcom Ltd. is a privately owned firm which offers a one-of-a-kind family of very high gain, narrow beam, dual polarization antennas called “VEGA” and “VEGA Mx” (patented) which is designed and proven to enable the Cellular Operator to extend and improve coverage to difficult to service areas.

  21. cellguide company logo IsraelCellGuide
  22. – CellGuide’s technology offers a cost-effective host-based GNSS solution for mobile, wireless and other mass-market consumer devices. CellGuide’s ACLYS single-die solution provides an integrated RF front-end and a GPS digital baseband in a single chip. ACLYS offers ultra low-power GPS solution for devices such as PNDs, PMPs, mobile phones, netbooks, tablets, MIDs and digital cameras. CellGuide’s GPSense firmware runs on a variety of commonly available application and multi-media processors which in combination with ACLYS radically reduces the size of dedicated GPS silicon and the power required to operate at 1 Hz tracking. In addition, Cellguide’s GPSense engine is chip agnostic and could use pseudo- ranges from any GNSS receiver thus creating a fully featured locaiton and navigation engine.

  23. cellint company logo IsraelCellint
  24. – Cellint provides the best road traffic information service world wide. It generates the data by tracking anonymous mobile phones in vehicles, through standard interface at the MSC level. The system doesn’t load or risk the network in any way. The data is provided to the end users through various exciting end-user applications, comprised of text messages, voice information, mapping information and any combination of them. This highest quality of the traffic information, never achieved before, together with the perfect applications generate significant revenues for the operator and maintain customers’ loyalty.

  25. craze TV productions company logoCraze Productions
  26. – Craze offers a complete solution: Full length Feature Films, TV shows, Music TV shows, Celebrity Bios, Songs, Ring tones, Complete songs, all tied in – one with the other. Craze is willing to work all kinds of deals with cellular networks and manufacturers.

  27. dasur pattern recognition company slideit logo IsraelDasur SlideIT
  28. – SlideIT is the fastest, easiest and most entertaining means to enter text on touch screen devices. SlideIT solution is the only one which combines sliding with tapping, while predicting desired words at the same time as you slide. It has more than 2 million users, and supports more than 30 languages. Dasur’s solution is based on a unique, patented pattern recognition engine. It has been downloaded by 2 million time, requiring less CPU processing than competing text input apps

  29. discretix company logo israelDiscretix
  30. – Content and platform protection for smart phones, tablets, TVs, set-top boxes, e-book readers and other mobile and home entertainment devices. Discretix offers embedded security and Multi-Scheme DRM Client Client supporting all major DRM schemes in use (OMA DRM, CPRM, Microsoft PlayReady) and the flexibility to add new schemes as they become available.

  31. eurotech communications company logoEurotech
  32. – Gateway solutions bridging the gap between Analog,Voip, ISDN to all cellular Networks GSM/CDMA/ UMTS.

  33. Fibrolan
  34. – For mobile backhauling applications, FibroLAN is now offering the Falcon SE product line. These products provide powerful features that allow significant OPEX savings through easy commissioning, simple service provisioning and advanced monitoring tools (including SLA assurance and alarming).fibrolan logo This Synchronous Ethernet Based platform is optimized for taking the mobile (or cell tower) operator through the normally painful and costly migration from legacy to future (3G/4G/LTE) technologies in a seamless and cost efficient manner. Same device can be set to run multi GE over bonded Copper E1/T1s, multi GE and E1/T1s multiplexed over fiber point-to-point or rings and finally E1/T1s CES across the network. All with the same HW, and fully remotely configurable and upgradeable.

  35. Israel feedbox logoFeedbox
  36. – Feedbox is a cellular based console that enables retailers, restaurants and other service providers to gather and analyze crucial customer feedback in real time from multiple points of sale/contact. Real time feedback is gathered through a simple, intuitive, and friendly user interface directly at the point of contact, while the service experience is still fresh. The customer management solution immediately identifies satisfaction degradation in specific locations, at any service point or branch. This instant insight into customer satisfaction levels is a powerful tool for any company who sees service as a key factor in its relationship with customers and a main driver in its success.
    The solution provides a live, accurate status of customers’ level of satisfaction, according to metrics that are pre-defined and measured at the time of the customer experience. These results are then relayed back in real time to the program manager in an easily understandable and actionable dash board format, via a secure web platform that offers wide flexibility in data analysis and report generation. The Feedbox system is scalable to an unlimited number of contact points, and offers a flexible GPRS package that that can be tailored to both medium and large scale companies.

  37. Flash networks company logo IsraelFlash Networks
  38. – Flash Networks’ HarmonyTM Web & Media Optimization and Traffic Management provide operators with comprehensive, end-to-end, policy-based solutions that successfully manage traffic growth, while enhancing user experience even during the busy-hour period. Flash Networks’ Harmony Content Control enables safer, more productive mobile use of the open Internet for consumer or business use. Already deployed in top-tier providers worldwide, content control from Flash Networks is field-proven, empowering both parents and employers. Flash Networks’ Harmony My-i is a phone-top toolbar that provides a user-friendly interface to access personalized and targeted content while browsing the open Internet. My-i Toolbar enables operators to offer a differentiated and branded user experience across mobile Internet devices, to increase awareness of new mobile data services by promoting operator and third party content, and to generate revenues from targeted advertising.

  39. gonet system company logoGoNet Systems
  40. – GoNet Systems provides outdoor Wi-Fi infrastructure solutions for urban, 3G offload deployments. Leveraging the company’s xRF adaptive beamformingsmart antenna technology, GoNet MBW base stations are optimized to operate in noisy environments alongside 3G networks. The MBW base stations’multi radio mesh architecture enables cellular operators to build large-scale networks and deliver high data volumes.

  41. g stat company company logo WMC 2011Gstat
  42. Data mining-based Customer analytics. Gstat’s flagship product, Xeligence, is a revolutionary software solution suite, which automatically executes processes run and designed by ETL and statistical experts. Each Xeligence software solution provides guidance to support automatic decision making. Xeligence automatically generates all DM model development and deployment processes. Xeligence reduces needs for statisticians and integration experts and dramatically increases their productivity. Xeligence shortens the time needed for the development and deployment of common data-mining projects from weeks to hours.

  43. ipgallery company logo WMC 2011IPgallery
  44. IPgallery, a privately held US company, founded in 2000, is a leading global supplier of converged Legacy and Next Generation/IMS Value Added Services for Voice, Video, and Data. Given IPgallery’s vast know-how and understanding of the Telecom market and business goals, outstanding expertise and field proven technology, the company has a track record of Preferred Partner for worldwide quadruple play service providers, operators and system integrators.
    IPgallery’s deployed converged communication solutions include core network centric solutions and Value Added Services for residential and business subscribers. IPgallery’s applications are cloud-based, cross platform and web activated allowing for blended Voice, Video, and Chat and Mobile applications combined with Social Networking, that provide a personalized holistic user experience for all their communication needs. IPgallery’s products and solutions are deployed worldwide, including in Tier-1 service providers’ networks.

  45. its telecom company logo WMC 2011ITS Telecom
  46. – ITS Telecom’s expertise focuses on converged voice and data solutions for the residential, SOHO and SMB markets. The unique array of solutions providing connectivity over NGN networks as well as GSM, HSPA, HSPA+ CDMA, EVDO cellular networks. The modular architecture and scalability of the solutions enables. Operators and customers to easily migrate for HSPA+ and LTE based networks with improved bandwidth connectivity and provide richer value added services packages.

  47. Runcell IXI mobile company logoIXI Mobile
  48. – IXI Mobile Technologies is a Mobile Messaging Solution Company delivering complete Mobile Social experience to users over a range of devices and software solutions especially tailored according to market segments (MVNOs, Enterprise, Tier 2 Operators). IXI’s solutions enable its customers (MNOS, MVNOs and mobile distributors) to ensure accurate monetization on new mobile services ensuring sustainable growth of VAS revenue streams over data communication. The challenge of IXI’s customers in the new Mobile Social Networking Era is to offer quality messaging applications to customers while deriving new revenues from billing and advertizing.

  49. logia group logo company IsraelLogia Group
  50. – Logia offers Mobile Operators a range of solution for their Apps Stores starting from Content Aggregation, Billing aggregation to full white labeled Apps Store. Logia Offers to developers the ability to distribute their apps to Mobile Operators Apps Stores and an in-app payment solution enabling carrier billing. Logia has the unique combination of being both a content aggregator and a billing aggregator.

  51. mce systems logo Israeli company Wolrd mobile congress 2011Mce Systems
  52. – Mce’s PC based, in-Store solution, is a set of tools for retail personnel that enables them to perform advanced sale, service and support activities on different devices in a simple, easy and intuitive way. Services include device and content management, customizing and setting up a device, selling and installing applications and content packages, diagnose issues and perform repair procedures. mce solutions empower service providers’ retail personnel to offer best in class point of sale and service experience in all locations regardless to reps knowledge and experience. Improves customer experience during sale, after sale and support interactions while generating revenues and reducing operational costs.

  53. me media market company logoM.E. Media Market
  54. – Media Market provides a wide and comprehensive collection of mobile content, focusing on Trivia and Tips concepts. The content is provided on a subscription basis and gives an unlimited access to the rich world of mobile entertainment. The end user receives, beside the fun and engagement, an opportunity to win considerable prizes and rewards. In addition to being a leading content provider, Media Market offers the most advanced and cost affective mobile service delivery platform. The platform enables easy interfacing to MNOs, aggregators and content providers.

  55. audiocodes logoMailVision
  56. – Recent economy change and the demand from consumers for cheaper roaming rates, force service providers to look for alternative ways to reduce their roaming cost and allowing them to offer more attractive packages for their customers. MailVision’ Mobile VoIP Solutions has become a real alternative to the standard GSM Mobile Networks, by taking advantage of the data connectivity available today via WiFi and 3G Data Networks.

  57. MATIMOP Israel's R&D Matimop
  58. – MATIMOP, the Israeli Industry Center for R&D, is a non-profit organization acting on behalf of the Office of the Chief Scientist at the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Labor, which promotes technological and R&D cooperation between Israeli and foreign industries. MATIMOP helps implement a variety of bi-national and multi-national industrial R&D programs between Israeli and foreign enterprises from Europe, Asia, Oceania, North America and Latin America. Israeli companies participating in these programs are eligible for financial support from the Office of the Chief Scientist and foreign companies are eligible to apply to their national authorities..

  59. MER telecom companyMer Telecom
  60. – Mer Telecom provides full turnkey solutions for wireless networks infrastructure: Network Planning and Designs, site acquisition and permitting, site design, site construction and civil works, design, manufacture, supply and erection of telecom towers and more.

  61. Mind company logoMIND
  62. – MIND’s convergent billing and customer care solutions enable operators to manage and bill voice, data, video and content services. Our solutions provide real-time mediation and provisioning interfaces to network elements, the flexible real-time rating required by service providers to be innovative and competitive, as well as highly scalable billing that enables various business models and payments methods, including prepaid and postpaid. MIND also offers its enterprise customers and partners a powerful tool that provides management decreases in network costs, increases in employee efficiency and control of the telephony budget in their organization. MIND’s innovative solution PhonEX ONE enables IT and Telephony managers to control and analyze the enterprise’s traffic, monitor and cut their telecom costs and detect frauds while increasing productivity and maximizing performance and return on investment.

  63. mobiapp company logoMobiApp
  64. – MobiApp develops local social mobile networks that enable people attending events to know about each other’s presence on site for free. When you enter a MobiApp location you will receive a notification inviting you to enter the network. Entering the network will let you know who is present at the location and will enable you to send and receive messages to whoever you wish.

  65. OSS logoOne Smart Star [OSS]
  66. – OSS offers a unique, innovative service for Corporate customers providing the opportunity of re-branding the Corporate and the communication access to it, centered on a short nickname of * and four digits. This unique branded nickname serves for voice access, fax access, SMS, website and email as well as a physical address for Post Office service. This integration is achieved through existing features of the modern switching systems combined with specially developed software applications and a software database. OSS creates additional income to operators, increased airtime revenues and profits as well as bringing a stronger brand to operators as all these services create a single identity for the Corporation based on one short Phone number, putting the phone service in the center. The corporate customers will benefit from simpler, faster and increased interaction with their customers.

  67. optiway company logoOptiway
  68. – Optiway offers affordable in-building cellular coverage with single optical fiber solutions. Optiway’s solution simplifies design and dramatically reduces your project costs by multiplexing sources, with a range of different technology standards for single or multi- operators, on the same single-fiber-platform.

  69. Origin GPS company logoOriginGPS
  70. – The OriginGPS’s GPS receiver modules with built-in antenna have been designed to address markets where smallest modules, performance, highest level of integration, power and flexibility are very important. OriginGPS provides the world smallest GPS antenna-modules, optimizing integration with mobile devices, PDAs, smart phone, Netbooks / Notebooks. Series ORG-2000 is OriginGPS smallest fully featured GPS receiver. The module provides a miniature multi-channel receiver that continuously tracks all satellites in view and provides accurate positioning data.

  71. Perfecto mobile testing logoPerfecto Mobile [profitable and well funded]
  72. – Perfecto Mobile is a developer and provider of remote device access, automation and monitoring solutions for mobile applications testing on REAL handsets via the web. Perfecto Mobile’s Handset CloudTM makes complex mobile testing simple, helping enterprises overcome the ongoing challenge of sustaining quality in an impossibly dynamic mobile market.

  73. Phonaris for enterprise logoPhonaris
  74. – Phonaris For Enterprise: A comprehensive solution which enables Enterprise or SME IT to manage their employees smartphones and tablets, in a similar manner as they do with desktops and laptops. The solution enables IT to support and manage the multi-OS smartphones environment.
    Phonaris For Mobile Operator Support: The support of smartphones is becoming an increasing challenge as devices are becoming more complex along with the proliferation of 3rd party applications. Phonaris offers a solution for mobile operators and service providers which enable support call center representatives to initiate full remote control over smartphones of customers calling for support. The solution creates a new support experience for both the customer and the call center representative

  75. pic2world company logoPic2World
  76. – pic2world provides customers with three products such as commercial tour guide, tour contents exchange community, and automatic tour photo naming management. All products work on smartphones such as iPhone and Android phones. Pic2World offers three products: most popular 20 cities tour guides, tour contents exchange community, and automatic tour photo naming management.One geomedia tour guide platform for tourism promotion of nation, city and town.

  77. Radwin logoRad Data Communication
  78. – RADWIN 2000 is a portfolio of carrier-class products providing high-capacity, long-range connectivity at highly competitive prices. Complying with worldwide regulations and industry standards, the RADWIN 2000 solutions are deployed globally by leading cellular carriers, service providers as well as public and private networks.
    Reaching 200 Mbps net aggregate throughput and providing IP and TDM over the same link make this product ideal for today’s and tomorrow’s networks, preparing operators for the seamless migration from legacy TDM to all-IP networks such as LTE/4G.

  79. RCS Rampal Cellular Stockmarket
  80. RCS is a leading international distributor of mobile phones and other portable electronics. Sourcing the Deal – Hundreds of selling offers & purchase requests posted daily to RCS’ trading platform. Selling the Deal – Skilled traders initiate secure deals providing financial solutions to qualifying companies. Logistics – RCS’ 20 agents ensure reliable delivery. 30 dedicated sales agents who speak 16 langauges + 20 logistics specialists ensure the best deals, smooth delivery and secure transactions.

  81. Runcom logoRuncom Technologies
  82. – Runcom provide 802.16e mobile WiMAX end-2-end solution. Runcom products include: Chipsets for User Terminals and Base stations, User terminals that include: Handsets, PCMCIA cards, Video IP Phones, Indoor and Outdoor CPEs, TV over IP and Video Surveillance System, Base Stations: Indoor Pico and Remote Radio Head, ASN GTWY, VAS and NOC.

  83. Saguna logo CODSTMSaguna Networks
  84. – Saguna CODSTM is the first CDN solution totally adopted in to Mobile networks. The system is built to address the ever growing demand for Internet content and services. The system creates a storage overlay inside the RAN and automatically brings the most used content as close as possible to the users thus creating a much better user experience, dramatic OPEX reduction and solving pick hour bottle necks, at minimum cost.

  85. screenovate Israeli startup logoScreenovate [one to watch!]
  86. – Screenovate extends the smartphone experience into other media platforms such as TV, car media display and PC. Our patent pending software turns the Smartphone into a personal smart server – A single ‘brain’ that seamlessly hooks up to a range of dumb terminals and exposes different UI layers on each. Screenovate is led by seasoned entrepreneurs with proven track-record: Dr. Joshua Glazer – founder of Gteko (acquired by Microsoft in 2006) and StarNet Interactive (Acquired by IAC in 2008) and; Gilad Ben Yossef – founder of Codefidence and world-famous Linux expert. Screenovate’s first product is the Smart TV – a carrier branded alternative to Google / Apple TV. The Smart TV is a box, connected to the TV via HDMI. It communicates with the smartphone via standard Wi-Fi connection and beams the smartphone onto the TV. Users can browse the Web, use smartphone apps and stream smartphone media files (movies, pictures) on the television set.
    Check out some of Screenovate’s product clips on YouTube.

  87. servision company logo Israeli startupServision
  88. – SerVision’s video surveillance solutions are used widely in the security and transportation markets. All DVRs are optimized for transmitting the world’s best quality live video over cellular (narrowband) networks. Servision’s mobile video gateways are cost-effective and multi-functional tools for remotely monitoring and managing any type of remote site or moving platform.

  89. Skiller logoSkiller
  90. – Skiller develops a mobile multiplayer gaming platform for skill games. This unique platform is highly dynamic and already incorporates a verity of skill games such as: Checkers, Wall Breaker, Four in a row, etc’. Skiller provides exciting gaming experience, as well as building of player networks and communities. Since this platform includes many forms of games
    it is suitable for any age and skill level. Our state-of-the-art technology allows games to be cross operators and geographically independent. The social characteristic of the platform creates communities of players that encourage users to compete. The platform allows users to fully interact with one another using our social features, such as messaging system, buddy list, in-game chat ,wall, avatars, personal profile and more. Skiller operates a virtual currency system which allows users to buy virtual goods in the in-app store. Skiller has also released developer tools (SDK) that allows 3rd party developers to include all social and multiplayer features in their own games. Developers can also benefit from selling Virtual currency, offer virtual goods and increase their revenues.

  91. Telemessage multimediaTelemessage
  92. – TeleMessage offers converged messaging products and services for carriers and enterprises that deliver Text, Voice, Video and Multimedia messages to and from any communication device. TeleMessage’s solutions consist of include 3 main product lines: SMS to Voice, PC to Mobile and Messaging Gateway. With TeleMessage you can send, receive, and manage SMS, MMS, Video, Voice, Fax and E-mail messages from the: Internet, E-Mail clients, Fixed or Mobile phones and APIs.

  93. Todacell mobile advertisingTodacell
  94. – TodaCell is a Managed Premium Mobile Ad Network established in 2007. Todacell is focused on display ads including all wap& in apps solutions.
    The company’s primary partners are leading tier 1&2 publishers and over 100 advertisers utilizing the Todacell Mobile Ad Network, in USA, Canada, Europe and APAC (partially).
    Todacell’s proprietary technology has a proven, highly scalable and Transparent SaaS mobile advertising abilities. The platform’s primary focus on increasing conversion rate for its major advertiser clients.Todacell develops and operates its proprietary technology to meet the emerging global mobile opportunity, Todacell platform can also be easily adapted into a “global ad exchange” to develop self serve traffic or “blind” ad network. Additionally, Todacell has developed unique ad optimization and tracking tools on the platform allowing for better eCPMs for both Publisher and Advertiser clients

  95. Quadmanage company logo OSSQuadManage
  96. – QuadManage provides mediation products in combination with professional services that enable telecom service providers to efficiently utilize various data generated by the network components for CDR creation, statistics, performance and maintenance, alarming and fraud management purposes. QuadManage solution called “eMediate Overseer” leverages the unique placement of the CDF and CGF in the midst of the OSS and BSS border to gather crucial data for various BSS/OSS uses such as traffic charts, alarming, performance monitoring etc.

  97. Siklu logoSiklu
  98. – Siklu develops revolutionary, milimetric-wave Gigabit Ethernet systems for service providers’ backhaul networks. The company’s next-generation, carrier-grade solutions are ideally suited for providing Carrier Ethernet services as well as mobile backhaul – in particular serving 2G/3G/3.5G and future WiMAX and LTE networks. Offering fexibility, scalability and easy installation, solutions from Siklu reduce Total Cost of Ownership by an order of magnitude – helping providers mitigate the backhaul burden.

  99. Techno Spin company logoTechnospin
  100. – TechnoSpin develops and manufacturers innovative small wind turbines (up to 20 kW) that provide significant energy cost savings for Telecom base stations. TechnoSpin wind turbines can be installed on top of Telecom towers thus saving in installation costs and space.

  101. telco systems logoTelco Systems, a BATM company
  102. – Telco Systems is committed to providing network edge solutions, which enable service providers to migrate their services from a circuit-based network to a more cost effective packet network. Telco Systems’ suite of products includes solutions for commercial Ethernet, residential Ethernet, and packet backhaul for mobile networks. These solutions support a wide variety of technologies including Ethernet, Pseudowire, and TDM emulation using CES, MPLS, OAM tools and extensive QoS.

  103. Triplay logoTriPlay
  104. – TriPlay’s suite of products constitutes a proprietary and unique media delivery platform for sharing personal digital content (e.g., videos, images, music and text) across multiple devices. TriPlay’s media delivery platform allows users to send and receive any digital date anywhere in the world, from any online device.

  105. Tvinci OTT logoTvinci
  106. – Tvinci is a Pay-Over-the-Top video platform provider that enables the management of content and the enhancement of the user experience across internet connected devices. The company specializes in solutions for multi-play operators, carriers and media. companies worldwide.Operating since 2007, Tvinci has an established reputation among leaders in the field of providing technology for content distribution Over-the-Top.

  107. WAVEIP logoWaveIP
  108. – creator of WipAir 8000 – The Best in Class Backhaul Solution. WipAir business benefits: Reliability, high throughput, low latency, and best price backhaul / multiple backhaul solution. Customer’s challenge is how to expand the network, extend coverage and footprint quickly and cost-effectively with future proof solution.

  109. Waze crowsourced GPS app logoWaze
  110. – Waze is a free mobile navigation application that allows drivers to build and use live maps, real-time traffic updates and turn-by-turn navigation to improve their daily commute. Waze also has a social element that gives drivers the ability to actively update one other on traffic, police traps, construction, speed cams and more – and because it’s 100% user-generated, the more people who use waze, the better (and more fun) it gets!

    Whereas other free navigation apps provide turn-by-turn guidance, the aspect that truly sets waze apart from the rest is the crowdsourced, social element of our app. Drivers are empowered to work together for the mutual benefit of all on the road.

  111. Wireless links logoWireless Links
  112. – Wireless Links a 12 years old company based in the US with R&D and manufacturing facility in Israel leads the fleet management, asset tracking and dispatch markets in innovation and customer satisfaction. Wireless Links family of mobile products is targeting different market segments with unique features such as: detection of extreme driver behavior, interface to the vehicle CANBUS for engine diagnostics, fuel consumption, driver identification and in vehicle wireless router with WIFI communication. The companies CommVision rugged hand held terminal is packaged with dispatch software application for transportation companies including signature capture with 98% compression.

Previous Israeli exhibitors who are missing the action this year:
Ceragon Networks
Celle Brite
Electronic Lines 3000
IBM Global Technology
Lognet Information Tech.
Infinitive Memories
Mobixelle Networks
Source IT
Spikko By Audiogate Tech
Traffix systems
Tjat Systems
TTI Telecom
Wandy by CTWARE
Know other Israeli startups who will be attending the Mobile World Congress 2011? Leave a comment or drop us a line.

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Eze Vidra

Eze is the Chief Innovation Officer at Antidote, a startup helping patients search and match to clinical trial, to accelerate medical breakthroughs. Previously, Eze was a General Partner at Google Ventures Europe. Before GV, Eze founded and led Campus London, Google's first physical hub for startups, and was the Head Google for Entrepreneurs in Europe. He's an experienced product manager and startup mentor. In 2012 Eze founded Techbikers, a non-for profit supporting children education in developing countries.

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