Binpress – A Marketplace to Find Affordable and Trustworthy Code for Web Development

Binpress, the latest project by the Israeli startup incubator Lionite is making waves in the coding community with their source code marketplace. The purpose of binpress is to save coders time coding by finding existing solutions to time consuming problems. Their focus is on code for web applications in all sorts of languages, frameworks, and platforms.

Description of binpress

Binpress charges a 30% commission to coders who want to sell in the marketplace, for this fee binpress will:
– Actively bring users to the site with the intention of increasing sales. Binpress is a discovery engine, and as such, they are using PPC and SEO campaigns, promoting through other coding marketplaces, and creating partnerships in order to drive traffic to the site. They also have an in-house affiliate program for coders and Internet marketers.
– A marketable landing page. Similar to Apple’s App Store, each component that is up for sale has its own landing page, featuring screenshots, and widgets to help promote your code via their affiliate program.
– A stamp of approval, which boosts confidence for potential buyers. Binpress manually checks every component for sale in the marketplace, and even make suggestions to the component profile to make it more marketable. They help build seller rankings, to make the buying decision easier for buyers.
– Transactions are completely managed by Binpress, and include a 14-day money back guarantee.

Their homepage features a dynamic list of components based on how many development hours were saved. Far from being gimmicky, Binpress can save coders lots of time and money.

Development hours saved on Binpress

There is also a section for users to make component requests. Once the code is made for one user, it is available for everyone. This makes me wonder where most of the coders are coming from in the world. I suspect that many users from India would be really happy to fulfill a component request for a $50, even if it takes them

Binpress reminds me CodeCanyon, a successful code marketplace, sister of the 1,000,000+ member marketplace ThemeForest, and a part of the Envato network. There is a lot of money out there for buy and selling code, with their superior customer service and low commission rates, it is surely Binpress’ game to win.

BinPress was founded by Adam Benayoun (CEO) and Eran Galperin in August 2010 and is currently looking for funding. It has been described as Github meets Shopify.

Benjamin Bakhshi