The Early Stage VC Decision Making Process Infographic

Interesting infographic from Anna Vital in San Francisco, from the Kickstarter campaign “Becoming an Entrepreneur” Kickstarter campaign. Trying to get inside the mind of an early stage VC investor. Infographics could help dyslexic entrepreneurs to access the valuable insights that are currently “locked” in books or blog posts. The idea came to Anna as she is dyslexic herself. Continue Reading

New LumaScapes Organize Digital Funding and Online Gaming

Last week, LumaPartners released the Gaming Lumascape, capturing the various components of this booming industry, which is estimated at $21 billion in revenue in 2011 according to this KMPG report. From console manufactures to game developer studios, physical distribution in Bestbuy to gaming portals, the gaming industry encompasses hundreds of startups and billions in funding. Continue Reading