Putting Israeli eSports startups on the map

The growth in cloud gaming presents a big opportunity for startups. Until now, the main benefactors of free-to-play Battle Royale games like Fortnite or Apex Legends were the studios (Epic Games, EA, etc.) or the platforms (like Twitch, YouTube, Caffeine, etc.) as well as the advertising platforms, who drove traffic to these games initially. With the growth in the gamer and viewer population, the dollars are pouring in from gamers (for skins, and in-game purchases), brands and media companies (who otherwise struggle to reach this demographic). Couple that growth with new tech developments (AI, computer vision, real time streaming with zero latency, streaming overlays, etc) and it’s clear to see new opportunities emerging for for startups in ‘game enablers’ or ‘game enhancers’. Continue Reading

Foreign Investment in Israel tech reaches 77% of total

Multinational Corporate involvement in Israel is breaking new records, reaching 77% of total invested capital in 2018. Large part of that activity is driven by MNCs. There are 368 multinational corporations active today in Israel. They drive much of the M&A activity and leverage Israel’s talent for R&D. While overall it’s extremely positive, it can also create a talent crunch for fledgling startups. Continue Reading

DTC startups disrupting traditional brands

Direct-To-Consumer, or DTC in short,  are products or services that are financed, designed, produced, marketed, distributed and sold by the same company. They bypass the middleman and connect directly to consumers. Others call them Digitally-Native Vertically-Integrated brands (DNVB). The appeal is simple… Continue Reading

30 Israeli startups in Gartner’s Cool Vendor 2018 List

Israeli Gartner Cool Vendors 2018

Every January, Gartner analysts nominate vendors that have the potential to transform their markets, regardless of their level of funding or the size of the company. Vendors aren’t able to apply and don’t know they are even being considered, as… Continue Reading