Special: 72 Israeli Companies Exhibit at the 2010 Mobile World Congress

About 50,000 visitors from 200 countries are expected to attend the 2010 GSMA Mobile World Congress in Barcelona this week, starting tomorrow February 15th. After a somewhat disappointing congress in 2009, in which companies showcased products from previous years, this year is expected to be faster, greener and ‘cloudier’.

Looking at the conference agenda, it’s not hard to spot the trends for 2010:

  • Mobile Clouds – additional storage and new revenue streams to operators
  • 4G/ LTE (Long Term Evolution) -the fourth generation of networks, enabling faster downloading in 4G phones (100 megabit per second compared to today’s 21 megabit/sec in 3G phones)
  • Green: low-energy consuming phones and products for using the mobile as an energy monitoring device in the house

VC Cafe's own little 'cloud' for MWC 2010, taken from the Israeli IMA brochure

Last year, VC Cafe reported that budget shortage caused a small representation of the Israeli mobile industry, with only 46 companies exhibiting in the IMA (the Israeli Mobile Association) booth.  This year, 72 Israeli companies will take part of the show in two separate halls.

In an interview to Calcalist, Eyal Reshef, chairman of IMA said the rise in the number of Israeli start ups is largely thanks to a 70% sponsorship provided to the Israeli exhibitors by IMA, the Israel Export and International Cooperation Institute, the Israeli Foreign Trade administration and Matimop, the Israel Industry Center for R&D.   The IMA expects the companies to have more than 4,000 meetings during the conference.

The 72 Israeli companies participating in the 2010 Mobile World Congress:

Aerotel Medical Systems – a world leading manufacturer of modular, home and mobile telecare and telemedicine solutions designed to transfer essential data over the telephone, mobile phone and the Internet. Our solutions provide peace of mind, improve quality of life and save costs to users and service providers.

Allot Communications -a leading provider of intelligent IP service optimization and revenue generation solutions based on Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) technology. Allot Service Gateway solutions for mobile broadband are compliant with 3G, 4G/LTE and WiMax networks and provide full cell awareness.

Asocs – Founded in 2003, ASOCS develops and markets MultiComms™
processors that provide seamless connectivity over diverse wireless networks. The ASOCS MP100 processor, featuring the ModemX™ core, represents a revolutionary approach to communications and runs multiple communication standards concurrently on a single chip.

AtlasCT – (Atlas Cartographic Technologies LTD) offers a wide range of products for LBS applications and services, with the ability to provide a complete solution, adjusted to the customer needs, for all types of platforms, with remote or standalone

BoomRing Communication – Founded in 2005, Boomring offers a complete solution for hosting providers and enterprises, seamlessly integrates mobile, VoIP and fixed communication. Cost control & mobile least cost routing implementation. Environment aware roaming – seamless roaming between WiFi & cellular networks including sophisticated handoff mechanism.

Ceedo Technologies – Founded in 2005, Ceedo AppCenter allows fixed and mobile operators to deliver PC software applications over the web to the subscriber’s desktop, to manage those applications remotely and us the platform to provide additional services direct to the PC.

Ceragon Networks -Ceragon Networks (NASDAQ/TASE: CRNT) is a leading provider of wireless backhaul networks. Ceragon’s microwave solutions enable risk-free migration from TDM to IP, providing fiber-like connectivity and supporting all wireless access technologies, including GSM, CDMA, EV-DO, HSPA, LTE and WiMAX. Ceragon’s solutions are deployed by more than 150 service providers and in hundreds of
private networks, in nearly 100 countries.

Celle Brite – CelleBrite provides content transfer and backup solutions for mobile handset devices, empowering mobile operators, POS and repair centers to provide value added services to their customers. Our products enable users to transfer, backup and restore content from cellphones, including: Phonebook contacts, SMS messages, Pictures, Videos, Ring tones and Audio files, regardless of the mobile vendor, model, technology or carrier.

CellGuide – CellGuide’s G2 GLONASS Co-processor chip adds GLONASS capabilities to any existing GPS chip. The unique architecture of G2 allows fast and easy integration of the additional GLONASS beacons to the existing GPS solution increasing the overall performance of the device dramatically.

Cvidya – cVidya is a product company specializing in Revenue Assurance, Data Integrity and Dealer management solutions. We provide our customers with a combination of sophisticated data analytics techniques. The suite implementation allows operators to streamline and monitor their revenue chain and data integrity among sources thus enabling quick identification and closing of existing and potential leakage points.

Communitake– Communitake provides advanced remote service software over mobile devices. Communitake platform empowers service providers and device manufactures to remotely support, guide, and sell to device end-users through a complete interactive device replica. With Communitake, service providers have the ability to reduce operating costs; the competence to provide effective and superior service; and the understanding of customers so as to maximize revenues.

Dasur Pattern Recognition – Dasur has developed a new methodology for entering text into TouchScreen mobile phones and PDA devices.
Our solution: SlideIT is a revolution in virtual keyboards that enables the user to enter text by sliding along the letters using fingers or a stylus. Our unique and patented algorithms are a breakthrough in the present state of the art.

Datanetis – People are ten times more likely to react to offers from a friend than to advertising. Datanetis’s solutions enable organizations to leverage, for the first time, social networks and social influencers as part of their marketing activities on a large scale. Our customers are consistently experiencing an increase of x5-x15 in return on every marketing dollar spent and a real improvement in profitability.

DSPV – DSPV provides a complete VAS platform for mobile video, using video calls. The service is a proven revenue generator for Media Companies (TV, newspapers, Radio stations), VAS providers and carriers. The company also provides CRM solutions for enterprises (Banks, Transportation, Utilities).

Electronic Lines 3000 -Residential security and control solutions, with remote management applications which utilize advanced communications. GSM, TCP/IP and GPRS platforms enable end-users and providers to interactively manage and operate the system and home automation features using WAP and Web user interfaces, receive SMS and email notifications, utilize advanced video capabilities, enjoy location based services, remote mass management, remote firmware updates and more.

Ethrix – Ethrix is a proven leader with 8 years of experience in providing tailor-made, revenue-generating Video (IVVR) and Voice Value Added Service solutions to
mobile telephone operators, broadcasters, content aggregators and media agents. A turnkey solution based on a fully telco-grade platform. Product features include: Full call completion, Automatic
Speech Recognition over Video, Fully telco-grade platform.

Fibrolan – Allows cost effective migration from radio to fiber backhauling infrastructure,
absolute protection of investment. Advanced Mobile backhauling solutions for 2/3/4G, LTE and Wimax base stations, as well as Carrier Ethernet Access and cWDM.

Fring – fring is a mobile social communication hub that lets users communicate and share web-based experiences over IP all from one integrated contact list on their mobile devices. fring is based on a uniquely thin mobile centric technology that seamlessly merges internet rich communication dynamics within the native mobile environment. Leveraging GPRS, 3G, WiFi & WiMAX on hundreds of devices worldwide. Fring is a finalist of the Mobile Innovation Grand Prix Championship Tournament, Fring will make their final pitch to the judges along with 10 finalists, including Israel’s Siklu (see below).

FTS– FTS is a leading provider of Billing, CRM and Business Control solutions for communications and content service providers. By analyzing events from a business standpoint rather than just billing them, FTS allows providers to better understand their customer base and leverage business value from every event and interaction.

IBM Global Technology Unit (GTU) – The GTU is leading the cooperation between IBM and many Israeli Telco oriented high-tech companies. Together, we build joint solutions and define a clear go-to market
strategy based on our Telco industry perspective and proven experience. IBM’s Business Solutions for Telco include: BSS/OSS, Billing and CRM, Network Transformation and Service Delivery Platforms.

Idimoo – An automatic mass video clip generator. idomoo turns automatically any pieces of existing content/media (photos, text, videos, etc.,) from any source (RSS, HTML, email, etc.) into an integral video clip. No installation is required and the initial set up is straightforward. The video clip is a premium service which is offered to
the mobile operators’ users. The relevant arena within the operator is marketing/content.

Infinitive Memories – Our company builds the optimal media platform for mobile content. Our solutions are a Key element in creating cost effective, wide spread mobile content consumption. Our unique technology is called OTP (One Time programmable) FLASH. Unlike traditional FLASH we can put 4 bits of information in a single cell, and we produce memory product in sizes optimized for content distribution, creating the LOWERS cost content mobile Content distribution medium available today. In addition we provide end-to-end solutions including; application design, content Loading, customer registration and more.

ITS Telecom – Connecto is an All-In-One wireless office communicator, a 2G/3G/4G appliance with IP-PBX, Router, Data Switch, Firewall, Cellular Gateways, WiFi access point and multiple connectivity interfaces to cellular and fixed line networks. Connecto drives the entire office voice & data traffic via the cellular network and brings the operator new business opportunities while empowering the customers with new capabilities.

Ipoint-Media – iPoint-media develops and markets the “Vitrage” platform , Hosted 3G Video Calling Applications and Services Platform. Our offering is of a hardware / software system that is provided as customer platform or
in some cases as a hosted / managed service from broadband a datacenter. We provide the full cycle of customer centered services including professional services to fully customize and adapt the platform to the customer requirements and preferences.

Infogin – InfoGin, the pioneer and market leader in Web to mobile content and functionality adaptation solutions, enabling the ultimate browsing experience on any mobile device. Services include: Web Surfing From Any Mobile Device: Enabling real-time, automatic or customized reformatting of any web site to any mobile device, Conversion from Any Markup Language to Any Mobile Device, Traffic Optimization: Expediting browsing through caching, compression, markup optimization and more.

Lognet Information Tech – LogNet is a leading software provider of telecom ebilling and customer self-service systems across the wireless, wireline and cable markets. LogNet’s unique Account Management Suite platform supports the specific requirements of business customers (SOHO, SMB, Enterprise) as well as consumer customers of telecoms. LogNet’s Account Manager Suite offers a complete web based platform for bill
analysis, bill presentment and customer self-service.The platform is J2EE based and our open architecture allows customization tothe specific requirements of the telecom.

MEP Imaging Technologies – Camera phone image quality improvement enabling end users a much better user experience especially in difficult lightning conditions. The technology is based on Patent granted enabling smart image capturing and processing result in better image quality, especially for increasing dynamic range of images and low
light conditions.

Mce Systems – The mce 100 is a mobile-to-mobile content transfer solution for operator, vendors and repair centers. A fully automated, PC based solution, enabling the transfer of all mobile content between devices, it user friendly and offers the only true “one”click” operation on the market.

MeCanto – Winner of Nokia’s OVI Store application competition, MeCanto won its stand in the conference. MeCanto provides a centralized system for storing, accessing and organizing the entire personal music collection from any location, either through an internet browser or mobile phone, without the need to perform any file conversions, or lengthy data transfers. The company essentially enables seamless synchronization and streaming of music collections through web browsers and using client software for mobile devices, supporting Symbian, Iphone, Android and Windows Mobile through integrations with Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, LastFM, among others.

Mobixelle Networks – Mobixell’s technology enables Mobile Operator to provide their subscribers with high quality services based on multimedia – Videos and Images. Mobixell sells Multimedia enabling solutions in three areas: Mobile Multimedia messaging, Mobile TV/Video and Mobile Advertising. Mobixell has over 250 installations in Mobile Operators worldwide, including many Tier 1 Operators such as Verizon, Vodafone, Orange, Telefonica, Turkcell and many more.

Mintigo – Mintigo is The Social Biometrics™ company, delivering marketing intelligence with unparalleled rich customer profiling, covering the entire competitive landscape. Mintigo’s Social Biometrics approach is based on technology that identifies unique signatures. These are like fingerprints, showing people’s unique behavior patterns and their network in-depth characteristics.

MobiApp – MobiApp develops local social mobile networks that enable people attending events to know about each other’s presence on site for free. When you enter a MobiApp location you will receive a notification inviting you to enter the network. Entering the network will let you know who is present at the location and will enable you to send and receive messages to whoever you wish. MobiApp offers a system which includes customer management and real time laser marketing (personal, local, timing) for crowded areas like large entertainment centers (pubs, discos), stadiums, campuses, shopping malls, etc based on a revenue sharing model or a monthly retainer.

MailVision – Recent economy change and the demand from consumers for cheaper roaming rates, force service providers to look for alternative ways to reduce their roaming cost and allowing them to offer more attractive packages for their customers. MailVision’s Mobile VoIP Solutions has become a real alternative to the standard GSM Mobile Networks, by taking advantage of the data connectivity available today via WiFi and 3G Data Networks.

Mirtemis – Mirtemis develops real-time super-resolution image
processors for camera OEMs in consumer electronics, aerospace and defense sectors. Mirtemis Hawkview increases image resolution ways beyond the resolution limits of the imaging sensor, with no additional optics. This enables OEMs to offer up to X5 more zoom, sharper images, dramatically reduced noise and turbulence compensation, at the same level of bill-of-material cost

NowForce – Nowforce.com is the creator of SNAP – the first on-demand mobile lifesaving network that provides a SaaS Command & Control platform for emergency responders that works with any GPS-enabled mobile phone. With SNAP organizations can now track, communicate and collaborate with their first responders using their existing mobile phones – all through an internet portal accessible from anywhere

One Smart Star – One Smart Star (OSS) offers corporate customers a unique, innovative service which provides a short number for communication: Voice, Fax, SMS, Mail, Email and Website. It enhances the brand of the corporate and communication access, entered on a short nickname of asterisk (*) and four digits. One Smart Star solution narrows the gap between The Corporate and its Customers

Optiway – Optiway offers affordable in-building cellular coverage with single optical fiber solutions. Optiway’s solution simplifies design and dramatically reduces your project costs by multiplexing sources, with a range of different technology standards for single or multi-operators, on the same single-fiber-platform.

OriginGPS -The OriginGPS’s GPS receiver modules with built-in antenna have been designed to address markets where smallest modules, performance, highest level of integration, power and flexibility are very important.

Perfecto Mobile – The Perfecto Mobile Handset Cloud service provides remote access to a multitude of real mobile handsets located around the world, and enables users to automatically run test and validation procedures on them. Perfecto Mobile continuously provides immediate access to the latest and most popular devices, making it an ideal service for application developers and content providers. Mobile operators and device manufacturers can utilize Perfecto Mobile’s unique Private
Handset Cloud service to provide their partners with a secure environment where they can access new devices before they are launched commercially.

Pudding Media – Pudding Media provides a full-service mobile advertising solution that encompasses a carrier-grade ad platform, a global ad network and ad sales teams, allowing mobile carriers to rapidly build or expand their advertising business.

Radware -Radware is the industry leader in intelligent application delivery solutions providing wireline and mobile carriers optimized IP services, guaranteeing high availability, maximum performance, service and network integrity and efficient infrastructure utilization. With Radware, carriers are able to ensure the performance and quality of
IP-based services, reduce service delivery costs and introduce new services and Internet business models to grow revenues and IP service profitability.

Rad Data Communication – RAD Data Communications is a world leader in access and backhaul solutions for carriers, service providers, mobile operators, and enterprises. RAD’s best-of-breed products enable users to lower operating costs and extend network reach by effectively
leveraging existing and next generation network infrastructure to speed deployment of multiple services. RAD’s value proposition is based on technological innovation, flexibility and responsiveness to customer requirements, a long-term approach to customer-partner-vendor relationships, and an excellent price-performance ratio.

RCS Rampal Cellular Stockmarket – RCS is the leading international distributor of mobile phones, digital cameras & other portable electronics and creator of the online trading platform www.rcs.com. With 15 years of experience, 30 dedicated sales agents, 20 logistics specialists, operations in 128 countries and hundreds of profitable deals completed daily, RCS is uniquely poised to get your deal done.

Runcell/Ixi Mobile – Client server solution, with centralized NOC providing connectivity to multiple communities and email providers using various protocols. Clients consists of IXI’s own dedicated Ogo mobile devices running with proprietary Connect-OS, as well as clients for generic handsets running Java, Symbian and Windows mobile.

Runcom Technologies -Runcom is the recognized pioneer of the OFDMA technology, for beyond 3G, mobile and fixed WiMAX, LTE and broadband wireless access applications. Runcom develops state-of-the-art technologies, end-to-end solutions and products for a wide variety of Tier 1 players in the global wireless communications arena such as: cellular, wireless and Telecom operators: leading wireless equipment vendors, system integrators and broadcasters.

Saguna Networks – Saguna Networks provides a new breed of proxy caching solutions for Mobile Network Operators and WiMax network operators. Saguna’s CODS (Content Optimization Delivery System) brings Internet and Operator portal content as close as possible to the end user terminal thus enabling rich, fast and enjoyable content services to the consumer while reducing content transport costs by up to 80%.

Sagarmatha – Sagarmatha enables mobile operators to maximize the marketing impact of their service offers by matching them personally to each subscriber, based on customer behavior modeling, prediction &previous purchase information. For every campaign period, the operator defines a set of offers (for prepaid recharge, airtime or other services). Sagarmatha’s solution analyzes customers’ usage history and presents the optimum offers to each subscriber, with the target of increasing profitability and loyalty. Sagarmatha’s core technology is a sophisticated, proprietary data mining engine. Based on Sagarmatha’s track record, SMART’s potential incremental revenue for a cellular provider is €60M per year for every 10M subscribers.

Skiller – Skiller develops a mobile multiplayer social gaming platform for skill games based on contests and prizes. This expandable and dynamic platform already incorporates a variety of skill games such as: Checkers, WallBall, Four in a Row, Blocks, Reversi, Turfs, etc. Skiller provides an exciting gaming experiences, while also building player networks and communities. Since this platform includes many forms of games, it is suitable for any age and skill level. Our state-of-the-art technology allows games to be cross operators and is geographically independent. The platform incorporates many social elements and already interfaces with existing social communities like Facebook and Twiter.

Spikko By Audiogate Tech – Spikko technology offers the Ex Patriot community (residents outside of their home Country) the ability to communicate by telephone (cellular, landline, SMS) with their home country or other Ex-patriots anywhere in the world for the same cost as making a local call or less than that.The service is convenient and saves money for the Ex-patriot, while generates new yet to be explored revenues for the operator. This is a Value Added Service without the need of the operator to invest in additional infrastructure.

SourceIT – SourceIT & You-Roam.com focus exclusively on the delivery of tailored communication and information security solutions that ensure round-the-clock connectivity, security and synchronization for carriers&enterprises users.Partnering with several of the world’s leading providers of software-based services like iPass and with the innovation of the world unique web platform Connect123/You-Roam.com SourceIT builds customized and fully integrated global IT&Telecom solutions to meet the unique needs of each carrier & enterprise.

Siklu Communication – Siklu develops revolutionary, milimetric-wave Gigabit Ethernet systems for service providers’ backhaul networks. The company’s next-generation, carrier-grade solutions are ideally suited for providing Carrier Ethernet services as well as mobile backhaul – in particular serving 2G/3G/3.5G and future WiMAX and LTE networks. Offering flexibility, scalability and easy installation, solutions from Siklu reduce Total Cost of Ownership by an order of magnitude – helping providers mitigate the backhaul burden. Siklu is the 2nd Israeli finalist of the Mobile Innovation Grand Prix Championship Tournament.

Techmind -Techmind’s “Celllution” is a proven network optimization platform that by methods of heuristic algorithms and data mining supplies a full set of network optimization parameters (RF, HO, Co.Ch, SC, Tilts and more). This non intrusive system monitors the network 24*7*365 without taking up network resources and with immediate
results of improving network quality and reducing maintenance costs.

Telco System – Telco Systems is a leader in innovative, multi-service Carrier Ethernet access and demarcation solutions to enable carriers and service providers to deploy highly reliable and manageable Ethernet services to both business and residential subscribers. These solutions support a cost-effective evolution to a service-assured, all IP/Ethernet network.

Telemessage – TeleMessage integrates in common PC applications: Outlook, Outlook Express, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Flash, Excel and Windows File Explorer. We provide subscribers with applications to easily send Video, Picture, Music, and Text from the Internet or PC to Mobile phones.

Telmap -A world leader in location solutions, Telmap has a unique end-to-end solution including a mobile location companion, a complementary web companion, robust location platform with a set of APIs to deliver a strong LBS strategy. Telmap5 is the world’s first personalized location companion integrating innovative and patented technologies, including Telmap Active Interface, Telmap Active Search and Telmap Active Widgets. Over 20 tier 1 operators successfully deployed Telmap’s solutions opening new business opportunities and generating new revenue streams.

Traffix systems -Traffix Systems is the Diameter control plane expert. Traffix supports telecom operators on their way to Next Generation Network (NGN, IMS or LTE) technology by providing cost saving gateway and load-balancing solutions for the Diameter control plane
achieving network connectivity and scalability and thus enabling the opportunities to generate new service revenues based on the Diameter control plane innovation.

trendIT – trendIT’s platform is a unique, innovative management solution designed to accurately measure and determine demographic trends. trendIT provides decision makers with dynamic, comprehensive and up-to-date demographics for a wide range of applications: behavioral targeting, urban planning, commuting analysis and home land security solutions.

Tjat Systems – Tjat is a Technology leader in making the Mobile Internet a reality – bringing a rich web messaging service to mobile devices. By combining our patent pending “Virtual Client” technology and Mobile Widgets, Tjat has introduced the most cost effective way of delivering a 360 degree messaging solution to the whole network, from high end devices to legacy devices: Launch an immediate solution – fast Time to Market; Flexible, Scalable & Extendable – e.g. Different Languages, Personalization; Simplicity – Presentation in a familiar, web like user friendly interface. Award Nominations: 3GSM 2007, 2008 Global Mobile Award for Best Mobile Messaging Service.

TriPlay -TriPlay delivers a Total Mobile Life solution enabling converged communication over TV, Web and Mobile Phone. TriPlay members can seamlessly send and receive any type of message, text or multimedia, to and from any Mobile Phone or PC in the world. TriPlay operates through its TriPlay.com service and partners with leading operators
and internet communities to promote its technology.

TTI Telecom – TTI Telecom is a leading provider of next generation Operations Support Systems (OSSs) to Communications Service Providers (CSPs) worldwide. For incumbent and emerging CSPs spanning fixed, mobile and cable markets, we provide a robust OSS platform that
helps manage their networks and services effectively. The company’s Netrac product portfolio delivers an automated, proactive and customer-centric approach to Service Assurance, spanning fault, performance, and service management.

Tvinci – Tvinci enables mobile operators to manage and deliver video content to PC and TV. We offer a flexible turnkey solution that can be easily customized in order to create highly engaging branded video environments. With Tvinci, telecoms and mobile operators offer a video service online that is completely integrated with their existing phone offerings.

WeFI – WeFi creates a virtual global wireless network of all available Wi-Fi access points worldwide. Combining easy-to-use downloadable software for mobile devices and server-side management based on patented technology, WeFi enables people to seamlessly connect to the Internet through the best open Wi-Fi Access Points around. Leveraging their rapidly growing number of global users, WeFi constantly
acquires and updates connectivity data through devices using WeFi software.

Wandy by CTWARE – Wandy is an innovative business application providing contact-center technology as-a-service (SaaS), designed to be delivered by carriers to their customers easily. Wandy is a carrier grade contact center suit delivered to customers by service provides as a service using standard infrastructure. The product is an immediate revenue generator. Carriers’ benefits from licenses use and service while additional revenues are expected form infrastructure use, traffic, and other related services and applications.

WizzBill – WizBill offers an automatic pricing-plans personalization solution that analyzes consumers bills and CDRs, to create optimized offers that best fits the needs of consumers’ consumption profiles and the goals of the telecom operator or MVNO (best fit,second- best fit etc.) WizBill AI engine enables the comparison of other operators pricing plans to own offerings and the planning of personalized pricing plans that beat the competitors offers by fitting better consumers consumption profiles. In addition WizBill provides customers care departments with solution that reduce dramatically billing disputes resolutions interactions.The company also provides financial departments with unique revenue assurance solutions.

WaveIP – WaveIP is an innovative leader of Point-to-Point (PTP) and Point-to-Multipoint (PTMP) Broadband Wireless Access backhaul and network solutions with best price/performance features. WipAir 6000 is the most advanced carrier class wireless backhaul in 700-900 MHz, 2.3-2.5, 3.3-3.8, 4.9 & 5.x GHz. WipAir 6000 provides unmatched technological advantages including high net throughput of 200 Mbps and best spectral efficiency utilizing advanced OFDM 2×2 MIMO. WipAir excels in latency of 1ms, unique RF robustness, rugged and reliable outdoor design, flexibility and simplicity to install & maintain. WipAir 6000 is simply the best in class backhaul solution in the market.

3GVision – 3GVision is a global pioneer and leader in mobile barcode reading solutions to fast-track consumers to mobile internet, using their handset cameras. With 3GVision’s i-nigma, more than 150m. users worldwide scan 1D/2D barcodes on posters, billboards, magazines and instantly access websites containing directional maps, discounts , videos, SMS options, with no need to type URLs. The i-nigma solution incorporates real-time performance tools to enhance mobile-campaigns and revenues.


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Eze is the Chief Innovation Officer at Antidote, a startup helping patients search and match to clinical trial, to accelerate medical breakthroughs. Previously, Ezewas a General Partner at Google Ventures Europe. Before GV, Eze founded and led Campus London, Google's first physical hub for startups, and was the Head Google for Entrepreneurs in Europe. He's an experienced product manager and startup mentor. In 2012 Eze founded Techbikers, a non-for profit supporting children education in developing countries.
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Eze Vidra

Eze is the Chief Innovation Officer at Antidote, a startup helping patients search and match to clinical trial, to accelerate medical breakthroughs. Previously, Eze was a General Partner at Google Ventures Europe. Before GV, Eze founded and led Campus London, Google's first physical hub for startups, and was the Head Google for Entrepreneurs in Europe. He's an experienced product manager and startup mentor. In 2012 Eze founded Techbikers, a non-for profit supporting children education in developing countries.

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