Innovate Israel Conference Brings 28 Israeli startups to London

Innovate Israel London confrerence June 2012There hasn’t been such a full list of Israeli startups coming to Europe since Barcelona’s World Mobile Congress. Innovate Israel 2012 aims to connect  Israeli web, mobile & digital entrepreneurs & businesses with their UK & European counterparts. The UK is Israel’s second largest export market following the US, but Israeli startups often ‘forget Europe’ when it comes to Internationalizing their product. Potential partnerships with media and telecom giants make it attractive enough though, and hopefully there will be cross polination between the Israeli startups and the great tech cluster in London.

UK Startups can receive an *almost free* ticket by registering on this page. There will also be a free networking reception at Campus on Monday, June 25th. – get your free ticket while they last: Israel and UK Digital Drinks

Check out the 28 Israeli startups coming to London next week to showcase at the Innovate Israel 2012 portfolio. While there’s need to reduce the number of adjectives you’ll find in some of the descriptions below, there’s generally great tech and team behind these startups.
Applicaster – Company Website

Applicaster helps content owners, broadcasters, cable companies and mobile operators of all sizes deliver innovative and profitable mobile broadcast experiences. From live & on demand video with endless interactive overlays, through 2nd screen, synchronized & social experiences, to brilliant mobile apps that may function in all connectivity environments and support every possible business model.

Through the powerful management & analytic tools, Applicaster empowers broadcast operations to work more efficiently and swiftly deliver competitive experiences to viewers on very large scales with no investments in infrastructure. We do this by combining elastic cloud computing abilities, powerful and efficient service management tools, and a wide range of enabled experiences – far exceeding video streaming.

Applicaster’s solutions are adopted by a constantly growing number of world leading content owners, format developers, broadcasters, cable companies, and MNOs.

Our mission is to help content owners, broadcasters, cable companies and mobile operators of all sizes deliver innovative and profitable mobile experiences. Our vision is to serve infrastructure for the broadcast revolution that has commenced.

Betterview – Company Website

Now your SD content can be turned into True HD. Utilizing a recently developed innovative technology, BetterView leads a revolution in the content world. Content providers and owners facing diminishing revenues from their SD sales, due to increasing demand for HD content, can now restore the full economic value of their vast archives, by transforming them to True HD. The proposed resolution upgrade is fully automatic, fast, and hassle-free

Bizzabo – Company Website

Bizzabo helps professionals discover new business opportunities at conferences and events, and enables event organizers to engage directly with their attendees.
By targeting real time business opportunities and delivering up-to-date event info and offerings, Bizzabo helps making the most out of every event.

Brandsforce – Company Website

Brandsforce is a plug & play social media marketing platform that generates conversations, engagements and measurable actions on social networks.

How do we do this?
We use a resource you already have – people who love your brand, enjoy your service or product, or support your cause – to spread the word. We help you recruit these people – your brand advocates – easily, and then help you mobilize them to share your branded content with their friends and followers.

Whether you are a big brand, a small business, or a non-profit – the Brandsforce proprietary platform helps you create and execute an advocacy program that is right for you.

CellBuddy – Company Website

Cell Buddy has developed the only seamless, carrier grade solution, for low cost Voice calls, SMS and Internet, while abroad.
Cell Buddy’s patent pending Virtual SIM technology allows you to continue using your regular phone and your original number.
This technology has multiple applications and Cell Buddy will first apply this technology to disrupt the roaming market.

  • The solution utilizes our unique technology in combination with standard GSM networks and Tier 1 international trunk lines to deliver service.
  • Cell Buddy does not require any carrier integrations.
  • Cell Buddy will deploy international roaming services that provide the same user experience as obtained through a carrier service.
  • Cell Buddy will be the world’s first Mobile Virtual Global Operator (MVGO). Our subscribers will continue to use their regular provider at home, however while travelling they will seamlessly roam onto the Cell Buddy Global Network
ClarityRay – Company Website

We believe Ad-blocking should be dealt with carefully and profesionally: privacy, engagement and experience are a publisher’s most valued assets.

Our holistic solution is comprised of three steps:

  • Measurement: Utilising our accumulated experience, we will perform a thorough analysis of your site to accurately understand the losses, and provide a recommended, tailor-made solution.
  • Providing a legitimate alternative: A user resorting to using ad-blocking software cannot be blamed – most often he simply has no other choice. We believe that opting-out of advertising should be an easy, common and legitimate alternative for ad-intolerant users, provided that the content provider can remain as profitable. This is precisely what we’re offering – a user-friendly, easy to implement SaaS solution that enables your users to pay a subscription and receive an ad-free experience.
  • Restoration: Pirate ad-blockers, which directly damage revenues, hamper with the entire eco-system – including the consumer, as eventually less content will be produced. By detecting ad-blocking usage live and serving alternative ads that are beyond the blocking software’s scope, ClarityRay enables publishers to regain their lost inventory.
Craze – Company Website

Craze Digital is one of the world’s biggest Digital Entertainment indie companies, managing a host of online & mobile channels for high-demand Music & Video content, with a strong focus on innovative approach to monetization and distribution.
We specializes in monetizing Video and Music content in the digital world.
With 100% commitment to the digital world – Craze is using the latest technologies and constantly developing new methods (some patent pending) for selling and distributing music and videos.
Craze Productions is a digital content company, specializing in pushing music into the various digital domains. We live, think and breathe digital music distribution.
Unlike other companies, we are a true digital record label, not aggregators. We are 100% digital-dedicated, always looking to offer the latest, and practical, digital innovation.
Our catalogs include exclusive rights to songs and videos from the world’s top artists in:

  • Urban – Hip Hop, Rap & R’n’B.
  • Reggae – Roots, Ragga, Dancehall and best seller collections.
  • Dance – Definitive top charts dance tunes, special exclusive remixes and club hits.
  • Interested to learn more? Check out our Music & Video 360 Digital suites, as well as our vision about the digital music & content business.
Evolero – Company Website

Conferences are social. So is the internet. Evolero empowers conference organizers to fully utilize today’s social web for their conference.

With Evolero, organizer easily setup and manage an event website that replaces the flat, static registration site with a live showcase of the network of people, content and connections their event generates. Organizers easily manage their site’s layout, branding, information and registration and every person related content an organizer adds to the site, activates an invite to that person to add their layers to the site, in order to promote their objective at the conference. Organizer offers a better, valuable experience to the presenters, sponsors and attendees and maximizes the conference’s online branding, marketing and sales.

FanGager – Company Website

In today’s world, fans are the brands unfulfilled biggest asset. That is why we have created a fans management & engagement platform enabling brands to unlock their fans potential. With leading clients such as Nokia, RedBull, American Express, The Big Brother Show, and more, FanGager is fulfilling this mission.

Through the years, FanGagers’ founders have successfully managed interactive advertising campaigns for leading brands such as: Heinz, Colgate, Orange, American Express, Toshiba, Mercedes Benz, Hyundai, Yellow Pages, Stella Artois, Danone. The founding team has also won numerous awards, including the Gold Clio, Gold Effie, and 13 Lions at the Cannes Ad Festival.

Eran Gefen, FanGager CEO, is a world expert in branding and social media, and was chosen by Forbes Magazine as one of the most promising businessmen. Prior to FanGager, Eran founded and managed Young & Rubicam Interactive and successfully sold it to the WPP Group.

FanGager is a US company, based in New York.

Gigya – Company Website

Gigya’s mission is to socialize the rest of the web. We provide websites with a complete social infrastructure that creates immersive social experiences for users and provides unparalleled customer insights for businesses.

Gigya equips businesses like ABC, Pepsi and Verizon with a comprehensive solution to socialize their online properties. Our technology enables seamless registration with Social Login, increases traffic and time spent on-site via Social Plugins and Gamification and transforms marketing by leveraging permission-based social identity data.

Gigya works with more than 500 enterprises and touches more than one billion users per month. Our platform extracts the real value from social networks, empowering online businesses to attract, engage and understand users like never before.

inneractive – Company Website

inneractive is the industry’s leading mobile app monetization exchange with over 100 ad providers integrated and available in a one line SDK. With full transparency of real time ad optimization, developers can monitor how inneractive maximizes their global app revenue across all platforms. Thanks to automatic mediation, developers can monetize their mobile apps with minimal effort while being in control and running direct deals and their house ads.

With cross platform SDKs and ad partners in 200 countries, developers receive a complete solution and their revenue grows accordingly. Additionally, inneractive offers full support for rich media ads including video, which generates much higher engagement, ultimately leading to higher developer revenue.

Additionally, both ad networks and agencies can integrate with inneractive’s platform instantly and target in-app inventory based on location, content, and more.

Finally, inneractive offers hands-on support from integration to monetization with a Personal Account Manager. Inneractive is not stopping with its app monetization exchange and the company is constantly evolving to solve additional challenges involved in transforming a mobile app into a long-term sustainable business

Innovid – Company Website

Innovid developed the groundbreaking iRoll®, which embeds interactive elements in pre-roll video ads making them dynamic and engaging without forcing audiences away from the page. Innovid’s proprietary technology provides a seamless integration between videos, embedded images and interactive features, empowering today’s marketers to engage their audiences more deeply than ever before. iRoll® is the only interactive pre-roll unit with the scale necessary to elevate campaigns to the next level. With integrations across all the top premium publishers and across almost all the top networks, iRoll® can provide unprecedented scale not available anywhere else. Beyond ad integration and serving, the company solution includes a back-end analytics dashboard to measure and track engagement.

Jinni – Company Website

The First Taste Engine
Films inspire us. Obsess. Puzzle. Delight. That’s what we think – and that’s why we started Jinni. Because the usual keywords and genres don’t even try to capture the meaty stories and heady experiences of film, and so they’re not much use when choosing what to see next.

Jinni is a Taste Engine. We look at film through the lens of what makes you love or hate anything you watch. With a Taste Engine, you don’t search by what you’re looking for, you search by what you like. And recommendations are based on analyzing your preferences, not statistics.

Our project
Jinni is powered by the Movie Genome, a big, ongoing project with the Jinni community to describe video more complexly. Using proprietary semantic technology, a Jinni search takes you inside plot, mood, style and more – for search that reflects how we think and talk about movies. More about the Movie Genome.

Jinni isn’t a social network, it’s an internet application designed to fit how people relate to movies and TV. And since conversation is part of that, we’ve created tools to meet people with shared tastes, compare preferences, and review and rank titles.

Kaltura – Company Website

Kaltura provides the world’s first and only Open Source Online Video Platform. Our platform includes industry leading
media management applications as well as a framework for developing custom apps. That basically means that we provide you with flexible video solutions to cover all of your needs – both now and in the future.

But don’t take our word for it – listen to the industry. Over 150,000 web publishers, media companies, enterprises, educational institutions and service providers use Kaltura’s flexible platform to enhance their websites, web-services, and web-platforms with advanced video functionalities.

When it comes to deployment, Kaltura is the only video platform on the market to offer a wide range of deployment options. Our full Software as a Service (SaaS) solution includes video hosting, streaming, cross-platform delivery, transcoding, analytics, and support and maintenance services. Kaltura’s commercial software license allows customers and partners to self-host the software behind the firewall for self-use or reselling. Both commercial offerings are supported by expert professional services for strategic design and software development. Kaltura also offers a 100% free, community-supported version of its software and source code, available from Kaltura’s developer community.

And to top it all off, Kaltura allows you to develop your own solutions, and choose your own bells and whistles – be it via our robust and open API, or via the Kaltura Exchange, the first marketplace for media centric applications. So go ahead and try out our out-of-the-box applications, or develop your own solutions and workflows. With Kaltura, the sky is the limit.

Live Definition – Company Website

LiveDefinition is a simple and fast software as a service that will organize your media, publish it to different segments of consumers and handle the billing and payment issues for all your media properties. All you have to do is own content or own the right to publish content. You pay monthly for consumption.

LiveU – Company Website

LiveU is the pioneer of broadcast-quality, video-over-cellular solutions that allow live video transmission (HD/SD) from any location. LiveU’s 3G/4G LTE bonded uplink solutions are used by the world’s leading broadcasters, news agencies and online media in over 60 countries, supported by the only complete all-inclusive service package.

my6sense – Company Website

my6sense has been a leader in content personalization for over 3 years, by utilizing its cutting edge “digital intuition” technology. It captures users’ interest in specific content, and surfaces the most targeted content to the individual. This is done without the end users needing to set any artificial preferences. my6sense seeks to become a global leader in Real time content personalization and aims to revolutionize the way people consume content on their mobile devices. Our motto: We help readers get more of what they crave, leading to a more engaging, fluid and socially connected reading experience.

Outbrain – Company Website

We all love how Netflix recommends movies and how Amazon gives us great recommendations for books we would enjoy reading right? Here at Outbrain, we are doing the same for blog and article content on the web. Information overload is real and growing as the amount of content on the web grows exponentially. We are committed to helping readers of blogs and media sites find the best content that is most relevant to them on a personal basis.

Search engines are wonderfully adept at helping people locate what they know they want. But how do you find amazing new content if you don’t know it exists? That’s the problem we are working hard to solve.

One of the challenges in creating a great content discovery engine is that no two people are alike. This is the reason commonly seen “related link” widgets often fail to grab attention: when everyone sees the same suggestions, only a portion of the audience cares. That’s why we concentrate on personalizing our algorithms, so we can present each person with those hidden gems of content that are really interesting to him as an individual.


PlugWallet – Company Website

PlugWallet is the next-generation way to buy goods and services online. We provide a unique payment option for online shopping, which until now was restricted to credit card holders or people with payment-provider accounts. Our customers enjoy a secure, simple and fast shopping experience.
Many people are uncomfortable about revealing details of their credit cards or bank accounts to unknown vendors on the Internet, and also want to avoid the hassle of entering all their details for each purchase.
PlugWallet is a payment method based on a personal device (key), email address and password, which enables you to pay, receive and transfer money over the Internet easily, without compromising your security and privacy.
With PlugWallet you can buy and sell goods and services on the Internet, and transfer money from one user to another (in various currencies), without using a credit card or even a bank account, and without paying unnecessary commissions!

PlugWallet will help make your shopping experience significantly easier, faster and safer.

PNMSOFT – Company Website

We provide BPM (Business Process Management) software solutions which enable enterprises to achieve process mobility, optimisation and control.
SEQUENCE, our enterprise BPM suite, enables an organisation to automate and control processes for better business performance in the interests of its stakeholders.

SEQUENCE is the leading Microsoft platform for BPM automation, it integrates with a wide range of IT systems, and provides on premises, cloud, desktop, and mobile solutions.

PNMsoft is a multinational company with headquarters in the UK and a global network of business partners.

Screenz – Company Website

Parented by both Keshet and The Box, Screenz attracts the most cutting edge technology
companies to form a unique partnership. Our mission is to jointly develop and commercialize products that will revolutionize the way you watch TV.

Top 7 – Company Website

Top7 is the place to discover what you’ll love next. As the home of the unique ranking-based recommendation engine, called the Taste Machine, Top7 provides you real and immediate insight into the things you never knew you were missing but soon won’t be able to live without, be it a video game, a restaurant in London, or anything you can imagine in between.

Explore the pages of your current favorite things in the Top7 website to get your first recommendations. Everything you love already has a page on Top7 where you can learn more about that item and then surf onto other items the Taste Machine suggests right from there.

You can also rank topics to get the Taste Machine acquainted with your current favorite things, and suddenly your recommendations will get pinpoint accurate. Everyone is invited to join the Top7 community by ranking topics that interest them, and this makes the Taste Machine get to know even better what to suggest. The community’s answers both define what is best, and also provide the Taste Machine with the info to make its smart recommendations for everyone else.

You can also come to Top7 to discover informative results in any topic. Our method of ranking is way more informative than an average poll because it takes into account more items and the order in which you rank them compared to each other. Plus. at Top7 you can then filter the results in all sorts of interesting ways. Since we connect to Facebook, you can come here to see what your friends think is coolest or best too.

Get started by searching for things you already love, and find the things you’ll love next right there on the page.
Or search for the things you love and see what topics you can vote for them in. Happy ranking!

Total Boox – Company Website

We sell reading

The book publishing world today is based on the model of ‘Buy first – Read later’. This model made much sense for printed books, and has been carried over unnecessarily to the world of ebooks. The ‘Buy first – Read later’ model distorts the market, suffocates distribution hampers reading and limits revenues.

Total Boox has built the platform, capabilities and commercial drive needed to support the superior model of ‘Read first – Buy later’. That is, allow users to download books freely, and charge them for what they actually read.

By ‘selling reading’ as opposed to ‘selling books’, Total Boox aspires to become a unique and significant player in the fast evolving world of ebooks.

TruMedia – Company Website

TruMedia Technologies Inc. is a leading provider of real-time, automated audience measurement solutions. Our advanced imaging systems deliver accurate viewing measurements for out-of-home advertising.

With the increased popularity of out-of-home advertising and the exponential growth of the digital signage industry, TruMedia foresaw the need for real-time audience measurement and undertook the task of creating robust, scalable, turnkey audience measurement solutions. Now, using TruMedia’s iCapture Mini, iCap and iTally, companies can measure the number of viewers and the level of their interest when advertising on digital signs, kiosks, TV monitors, branded fixtures, display windows, end-caps and in-store product displays.

The digital signage, in-store advertising and out-of-home TV markets are booming with the new technologies attracting the attention of an increasingly mobile society, but until now, that audience has been unmeasured.

TruMedia technology helps you answer the following pertinent questions:

  • Who is your audience?
  • How many are watching?
  • What did they see?
  • How long do you have their attention for?
  • Is a display in a particular location getting more audience exposure than other displays?

TruMedia builds upon proprietary video analytics technology developed by TruMedia’s engineering group during the past six years within the homeland security industry. This technology detects and tracks viewers’ faces in order to measure true visual exposure to media and merchandize. Following a multi-million dollar investment in R&D and the successful development of a ready-to-market audience measurement application, TruMedia officially launched in September 2006.

Founded by world-renowned entrepreneurs and video analytics experts, TruMedia is a privately held company and is led by a skilled management team with Head Quarters in the US, an R&D center in Israel and sales offices in The Netherlands, Spain and Italy.

TVersity   – Company Website

Our mission is to empower individuals to organize and personalize their home and Internet multimedia collection (audio, video and images) and have universal access to it anywhere (at the home or on the go) anytime and from any device.

We are developing the following products and services:

  • Delivering any media to any device; an extensible platform independent Media Server that can serve any media to any networked device doing all the necessary conversions to overcome the limitations of any given device.
  • Personal Entertainment Guide (PEG); An extensible platform independent Media Manager that allows our users to organize their home and Internet media, tag it, and create their Personalized lineup of channels.
  • Content Guides; An editorial Entertainment Guide of URLs linking to high quality multimedia content consisting of TV channels (live and on demand), Radio stations, Music Videos, Movie Trailers, Game Trailers, Audio/Video Podcasts/Blogs and more.
  • Multimedia Social Networking; A Collaborative meta data sharing community that allows our users to exchange the multimedia URLs they discover and search the URLs discovered by others.
TvTak – Company Website

TvTak is an innovative platform for instant interaction on television shows, games and commercials.

TvTak makes every television interactive. Viewers point their smartphone or tablet at their television screen, TvTak identifies the program in a second and allows viewers to interact instantly. TvTak is available on iOS and Android and works on any television set using unique patent-pending video recognition algorithms.

  • TvTak is located in NYC, with an R&D lab in Omer Industrial Park in Israel and local offices in Brazil, Mexico, Spain and the United Kingdom.
  • TvTak was selected from 130 innovative startups as a winner of the PepsiCo10 contest sponsored by PepsiCo. TvTak was voted Best Demo at the Social TV Summit in Los Angeles and Tech Aviv New York in July 2011, and was selected in Technonomy3 in Tel Aviv in April 2011.
VivoTextCompany Website

VivoText has developed human like text to speech which is virtually indistinguishable from a human recording. Current TTS solutions focus on clarity and minimize emotional and inflective variances. VivoText infers the meaning of the sentence, and clearly speaks the sentence as it’s meant to be read. Further, VivoText offers editing tools to allow the user to alter or exaggerate the emotion.

VivoText’s technology allows for the use of TTS in markets which require feeling, such as audio-books and messaging.

Wibbitz – Company Website

Wibbitz is an innovative technological company creating a new visual way of experiencing content. By analyzing text we can deeply understand exactly what it’s talking about. Our Text-To-Video Platform can then match the best visual representation for the text, add voice-over narration and generate an engaging video out of it. These videos create an enhanced lean-back viewing experience that can be watched on any device. Using Wibbitz almost any article, post or feed on the web can be instantly turned into a short video clip.

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Eze Vidra

Chief Innovation Officer at Antidote
Eze is the Chief Innovation Officer at Antidote, a startup helping patients search and match to clinical trial, to accelerate medical breakthroughs. Previously, Ezewas a General Partner at Google Ventures Europe. Before GV, Eze founded and led Campus London, Google's first physical hub for startups, and was the Head Google for Entrepreneurs in Europe. He's an experienced product manager and startup mentor. In 2012 Eze founded Techbikers, a non-for profit supporting children education in developing countries.
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Eze Vidra

Eze is the Chief Innovation Officer at Antidote, a startup helping patients search and match to clinical trial, to accelerate medical breakthroughs. Previously, Eze was a General Partner at Google Ventures Europe. Before GV, Eze founded and led Campus London, Google’s first physical hub for startups, and was the Head Google for Entrepreneurs in Europe. He’s an experienced product manager and startup mentor. In 2012 Eze founded Techbikers, a non-for profit supporting children education in developing countries.

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