Israeli Consumers Prefer ONLINE Media

In a survey released this week by Google and BCG, among the 11 countries surveyed, Israelis ascribed the most value to their online media. The value that Israeli consumers attach to online media suggests that business models will need to rapidly adapt to this new environment. Continue Reading

Want Your Startup To Appear in TechCrunch? Lean Marketing Hacks for Startups

How to get the first users to your startup and spread the word using growth hacking techniques. Continue Reading

Media, Education and Context in 2020

I was asked to contribute to a crowdsourced book about the future, looking to predict the world in 2020. While it doesn’t seem that far away, I took the liberty of virtually ‘closing my eyes’ to imagine how Media, Context and Education would change in 6 years time. Continue Reading

BizCamp Tel Aviv Wants to Bring the Best European Startups to Israel

The city of Tel Aviv, in partnership with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, is launching BizCamp Tel Aviv, a “Startup Bootcamp” for European entrepreneurs. It’s a great prize, which includes free flights and accommodation, plus a dedicated programme of seminars, networking opportunities, and visits to the main R&D facilities of Google, eBay and Microsoft. Continue Reading

10 Questions to Evaluate a Business Opportunity by Doug Richard

Doug Richard 10 questions

This morning I attended an interesting session on “The Power of Design” by Doug Richard, an angel investor, former “Dragon”, and founder of “School for Startups”. Below are the 10 questions to evaluate a business opportunity that every entrepreneur should be able to answer. Continue Reading

Bitcoin is Here to Stay and Safebit Wants to Be Its Wallet

Safebit wallet logo

Safebit has launched a Chrome extension preview version which received positive reviews, and is now operating in Alpha mode. According to the founders, on the first 24 hours of operation, over 725 unique users paid with Safebit. Continue Reading