SXSW: Israeli startups and how to Get an ROI from the Spring Break for Geeks

SXSW can be a waste of time if your’e not careful. In this post, Levi Shapiro provides a few tips to get the ROI from the 21st anniversary of SXSW and how to meet the Israeli startups there! Continue Reading

State of the Digital Music Industry 2014: An Insider’s View

Music is everyone’s favorite example of digital disruption done wrong. After peaking at $38 billion revenue more than a decade ago, the industry stabilized last year at $16.5 billion. Now the focus is on digital music GROWTH. 2014 will be the year in which internet radio leads the music industry’s growth. Continue Reading

2012 – The Year in Apps

Nearly 100,000 new developers created applications this year for the App Store, which rakes in 4x more revenue than Google Play. With the number of App Store applications now topping 1 million, application discovery platform Appsfire has released a fascinating end of year infographic about the App Store. Continue Reading

Serendip – Harness the power of Twitter to curate your streaming playlist

Serendip is a new social music discovery and streaming service that allows the people you follow on Twitter to curate your personal internet radio station. If your Twitter crowd is busy posting links to YouTube music videos and you feel comfortable sharing your secret love for WHAM! publicly then Serendip is worth a try. Continue Reading

Rumors Confirmed: Yahoo! completes acquisition of Israel’s FoxyTunes, Spins “Yahoo Unlimited” to Rhapsody America

Amid turbulence of acquisition by Microsoft, News Corp, Private Equity funds and now a ‘help’ offer from  Google, Yahoo! is not resting on its laurels. Following almost a month of rumors, PaidContent confirms that Yahoo! has bought Israel-based FoxyTunes, for… Continue Reading

Israeli singer serenades launch of MacBook Air (watch the video)

In a classic MacWorld speaker move, Steve Jobs (aka “his jobness”) announced Apple’s latest invention this week in San Francisco.As you probably heard, the new beauty is called Macbook Air, the world’s thinnest laptop, weighing only 3 pounds and packed… Continue Reading