Older, Richer, More Customers: Accelerators Go Corporate

Corporate accelerators are a recent phenomenon, both in Israel and globally. Microsoft selected Israel last year to launch its very first accelerator program. The company takes no equity, with the emphasis on business and technical mentoring. Continue Reading

Amazing Future Products – Are you In? [videos]

Are your products addressing the future needs of the user or are you only focused on current trends? N-trig, TAT Mobile, Prime Sense and Time to Know are great examples of companies that are looking to change the future. Watch the videos. Continue Reading

The Golden Age of Israeli Startups: Mergers and Acquisitions (Part III)

The local high tech industry in Israel continues to provide exits for investors mainly through the M&A route, while the rest of the world struggles with IPOs. According to a recent study published by IVC Online, Israeli high tech M&A… Continue Reading

Invest in Israel: March 2008 Newsletter

Happy Monday. In case you invest in Israeli traded stocks you may have noticed that today, Monday, April 7th, the Tel Aviv Stock Exchance (TASE) was closed for trading due to a labor dispute. C’mon people! That’s not the way to… Continue Reading